Drug Trial - Visit 7

Hi Everyone who is still interested. Visit 7 was only a little bit different from usual really, tests for - vital signs. spirometry, sputum and the inevitable questionnaires all about how I've been feeling during the past week. Then I had a thorough physical examination by the doctor and more questions. No blood tests this time though and no trial drug either. In case you've forgotten, it's one month on the drug/placebo and one month off. Means I get through my morning medications quicker anyway.

Take care all, keep warm and keep well. Love Lizzy xx

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  • Thanks for the update Lizzy. I think you're great to do the 90 mile round trip for research.

    P xxxx

  • Thank you skinnylizzy for the update. cx

  • Thank you Lizzy for the update I am following with great interest! I always wondered what it was like to do a trial. Hope you are feeling as well as possible, hugs, huff :) xxx

  • Thanks Lizzy - I think you are inspirational its not short trip and it takes a lot of commitment. Take care lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks Lizzy.

  • did you feel different?

  • Hi Lizzy,glad to see you,re not fed up with it yet( bet you are really lol ).Thanks for the update.Take care,D.

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