Hi Ho smilers

Bit late this morning as was waiting for the tablets to work, the weather is wet and cold so not going out today staying here in the warm. Brain not the sharpest today so will tell you one of my favourite Tommy Cooper jokes.:)

A man fell out of a Ten- Storey window. He's lying on the ground with a large crowd around him. A Policeman walks over and says "Whats happened then". The man says "I don't know. I only just got here". :) :)

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  • He fell for it did he?

  • He sure did Bernard in fact he ended up grounded :)

  • Funniest joke of heard for an age, love Tommy cooper, did you see the dramatisation of his life on TV a while back, was very good, cold and wet here too, indoor day today xxx

  • Hey medow thanks for your pm, will reply later on.

    I lived in Hackney too :D

  • Pleased you liked medow, yes I have watched it several times and thought it was well put together, I do have some more, not like that, like that xxx Fred :)

  • Great Fred :D

  • Good morning Fred, hope you had a better night. The weather here is horrible cold and heavy rain, I was going to my exercise class but decided to stay in the warm today.

    When you said Tommy Cooper, that was it I was already smiling. :-) :-)

    polly xx

  • That was a good idea polly to stay in the dry and warm you can exerise lifting and lowering the tea cup easy on the biscuits. xxxFred :)

  • Morning Fred

    I was going to post you earlier but guessed you might be needing your beauty sleep lol. Another good one today.

    Just going down to feed the chucks and hopefully collect some fresh eggs.

    I'd we're lucky it's quiche for tea. Shall I put an extra plate out for you?


  • Evening there pal yes I needed my beauty sleep unlike you, I heard today I can go into hospital next month to have the cancer sorted. Did you get some nice fresh eggs for the quiche ? and you can keep a place for me any time, we can swap some sea shanties together. xxxFred :)

  • He was a brilliant comedian - always had me in stitches - wet and windy here now :)

  • Hi there eyes x Fred :)

  • Hi Fred

    Good morning to you. That was a good one! Hope you got something for your pain. Are you feeling any better? I got the temp. Thing down now. 14 degrees here, would be like -10 for you.Is that cold enough for you? So when you say 4 degrees I would figure that would be like

    40 here. Nice! I could go for that

    You have a good day Fred.

    Keep 😀😯😆 Smiling !

  • Hello Ruby yes pills working and pleased I have the temp sorted no -10 is not for me I will stick with our nice warm 40 ish. Keep warm and safe.

    xxxFred :)

  • Left me grinning Fred. Loved Tommy Cooper and also the fact that he kept out of the mire which some of today's comedians rely on so heavily.

    Cold and wet here in London but we did have a lovely sunny morning. Think I'll be staying in too. Hope those pills have kicked so that you have a peaceful afternoon.

    Sara xx

  • Wet in London what ever next Sara Yes the pills are working plus I have heard I can have the next lot of treatment of RFA (Where they go in through my back in to the lung and burn the tumours) the last time I had this I was back home in 36 hours cancer free. So roll on next month. xxx Fred :)

  • Ah Fred, that is such good news!! I am very, very happy for you.

    I so wanted to tell you about a close friend who had lung tumors zapped for the 2nd time) a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't tell you in case you got turned you down.

    Sleep well tonight my friend!

    Sara xx

  • Thanks Sara I am really pleased as the Dr who likes to be called Sandy is a lovely chap and the last time he did it, he said if they come back he woild zap then again for me, and if all goes well and it's not cancelled he is going to, whether or not he will do both at the same time I am not aware yet, but he knows his job. Have a great day xxxFred :)

  • " Hehehe Fred... Sooo Funny.. hehehe! i just got here too....:) To tell you a big Hello!! and hoping that your doing good on this horrible wet n cold dismal day..apart from that.. the day not so bad so far...Keep warm and Safe..Megan."

  • Hello there Megan good to hear from you I hope that means you are feeling a lot better, even though its wet and cold. Look after yourself for us. xxxFred :)

  • Here is a perspective as to where you're bad weather is coming from. You can swivel it with your mouse pointer or swipe.


  • Sending you some French sunshine to you and your Chocco friend today Fred. stay warm and snug. P xxx

  • "Awe Peege..Hello to you..Thank you for sending us some your warm French sunshine. we certainly can do with it here...Hoping life is being good to you peg., Keep Safe.....Megan."

  • Peege you are a tease but the thought was there, Bella our choc lab loves the sun. Hope you are using sun cream lol xxxFred :)

  • Yep, on with the factor 20 Fred, although I'm only exposing my face! It's not that hot yet. Mind you, I would be swimming if it weren't from a wound on my arm. Hopefully it'll be healed enough next week to give it ago. Putting on the lbs now not walking himself anymore 😞

  • I used to love Tommy Cooper Fred and we were lucky enough to see him at a club called Blazers in Windsor many years ago.

    Stay nice and warm and dry too. Take care xxxx

  • Hi there sassy 59+ he was so funny, and as you know great to watch live. Still raining here. xxxFred :)

  • Lol...another good one Fred :-D xxx

  • Thanks Lyn xxx :)

  • Fred, what pills do you take for pain. I only have pregabalin at 75 dose and it doesn't do much for my Fibr but because my main health problem VERY severe COPD Doc is cautious what he prescribes. I think I get the two diseases mixxed up on symptoms...right now I am very tired, coughing some sputum (yellow/light/green) headache over the forehead, small swelling in my skinny,ankles at bedtime, feeling breathless but stats all good. I am on O2 24/7. Wanna marry me LOL😌

  • Hi there my Canadian MooskieI will have to tell you the name later as they are upstairs and I am down but its Morphine based. Sorry you are feeling rather rotten today and tired, the coughing will not help either with the headache. I was was not already married of course I would xx Fred :)

  • Thanks Fred. Guess I should take the dress back! LOL. I wonder if morphine in tablet form would be less powerful than a drip. A drip made me hallucinate and feel very unwell so I consider I am allergic? I suppose a tablet would come in different strengths.

    I shall ask my doc. I feel better today..the steroids really work fast at making you feel better but it doesn't clear out any infection so now I have to do the antibiotics again!!! Seems my body would build up a resistance!? However, when I see and read all the posts on here, I consider myself very fortunate. Have been to England 4 times in my life. Love it and the dry humor and the pubs were/are so much fun. Food!!! Rather bland and the fried bread for breakfast with bacon, etc., is just a wee bit too much for me. However, I love the clotted cream with scones and strawberry jelly. I love Brits! Are you a Brit?

  • Lets hope you get your cash back on the dress lol Yes I was born and grew up here in Devon which is the home of Cream tea's and scones with strawberry jam (you call it jelly) Like you I consider my self lucky compared to some of our friends on this site, I have been fighting cancer on and off for eight years and am off to hospital next month to have the tumours in my lungs sorted again, so thats where I am lucky. Right must go Mooskie, which part of Canada are you as its a bit big over there. xxxFred :) :-D

  • very good thank you xx

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