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Pete is not doing so well today, he seems to be choking a lot and producing excessive amounts of nasty sticky mucous. He does have his back up antibiotics but hopefully they will not be needed. He feels he bumbles from one thing to another but tries to remain cheerful.

The back problem is seemingly being resolved if very slowly and hopefully he will go into Southampton in the not too distant future to have the spinal cord stimulator fitted. This will be such a bonus.

I do wish everyone well, those who are ill and their wonderful carers and take care everyone. There are a lot of nasty bugs out there so try and stay well.

Lots of love to everyone, wrap up warm. Spring is not far away.


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  • Hi sassy59 sorry to hear pete not been to good yer sont forget he needs to drink plenty as that helps fine it out.

    Usaly i use fizzy pop od swig when my throats tight Bubbles work wonders in pop.

    No good if diabetic tho ... glad is back's being sorted tho if little late is always better then never.

    Wishing you both well best wishies regards mucus is always better of out then in.

  • Thanks Daz, I will get Pete a can of pop as he does love it and is not diabetic. I do agree that the mucus is definitely better out than in but he is struggling to sleep and gets so tired. I think a couple of extra pillows may help as he could do with being propped up a bit.

    Hope you are doing ok and thanks for the reply. Bless you. xxxx

  • Cheers yer coughing be taking out of him sounds like a plan extra pillow

    Ad look into them back massarge pads you put on chair help get stuff moving if continues just have to watch is back

    Is vicious circle all this diease business

    As to me av not been to good tremmors have trouble with hand finnger dexetarty

    Went shop today and forgot where i had parked the car ... think walking and thinking takes it out of ya as soon as i stoped i remmberd

  • Wishing you well Daz. xxxxx

  • I found that using a heavy v shaped pillow put on the bed sheet first with the V facing the headboard gives a firm base to hold the extra pillows that go on top , I use two and stay high up. Regards. Joyce.

  • Thanks for that Joyce and I will get Pete a v shaped pillow when I can get out. Anything to help the poor man as he is sleeping downstairs at the moment because he just cannot lie down. Kind regards to you too. xxxx

  • You are welcome just hope it helps. The pillow helps when my back flares up and I can relax in the hollow it provides. Hope things improve for you both soon x


  • Hi Sassy59, I am so sorry to hear about Pete - it is so difficult caring for someone especially when they become worse. I hope that he starts to feel much better very soon lots and lots of love TAD xxx

  • Thanks for your kindness TAD and hope you are doing ok. xxxx

  • We seem to be Sassy - just really got over the flu and coughs, colds etc. But it knocked my husband for six for about four weeks. Just try to stay positive and look after yourself, xxx

  • Will do TAD and thanks again. Take care xxxx

  • Hi Sassy.

    Firstlu apologies for any typing errors, as I have strapped up fingers and hand!

    I am sorry that Pete is not doung so well today, and hope he improves soon. Keeping well propped up is essential I find, to help coughing and get rid of the nasty stuff. I use plenty of pillows at my back and at both sides of me for support. The pillows at the side help to keep upright and can be leant on too. Some people find a folding back rest useful with plenty of pillows. Also, it can be useful to put pillows or cushions under the duvet at his feet to help prevent slipping down.

    Steam inhalations are great at loosening the mucous and making it easier to cough up. You can use a steam inhaler which can be bought cheaply from a chemist or online and it has a face mask so the hot vapours are going directly into the tubes. You just add a tiny menthol crystal, albas oil or some other essential oil such as eucalyptus or tea tree to boiling water and take slow deep breaths. Have lots of tissues ready. If you don't have an inhaler then a bowl of boiling water and a towel draped round the head and shouders ( tent style to keep the steam in) works well, but you have to be careful of accidents and only a small amount of oil ( like a drop or two) should be used.

    I am assuming Pere is on mucodyne which is great at thinning down and loosening the mucous although it can take a week or two to work properly, but is well worth getting, as it has helped me enormously.

    If Pete's mucous is green or yellow he may be better staring off on his antibiotics, although I understand you don't want to use them unnecessarily.

    Hope he feels better soon.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks Huggs - Pete takes Mucoclear in his nebuliser but is having no problem getting the stuff up which is good. At the moment it is clear so will hold back on the ab's for now.

    Hope your fingers and hand will soon be better. You take care too. xxxx

  • Hi, ,hope you don't mind me butting in on your conversation, but seems we are much alike, I to suffer with a productive continuous cough ( I have copd) and I use mucodyne aswell ,and it does help with chest clearance ,I also use a flutter devise ,provided on prescription I have found this a big help in chest clearance,if you go on you tube and type in FLUTTER DEVISE ,or on Amazon ,you will see them on there and they have great reviews,,,,,if you ask your GP for a referral to the pulmary rehab class ,you will find there help and support invaluable ,I have been under their care since 2008 and quite honestly,,,, I don't think I would here now if I didn't have them ,they are specialist copd nurses and physio's ,and once registered with them they are only a phone

    call away ,( a lot easier to see than a GP ) I hope you didn't mind me jumping into your conversation ,hope you get well soon ,best wishes to you all ,

  • HI Nanny,

    No, feel free to but in anytime! lol I have asthma and copd which after a long time seems to have stabilised apart from the coughing, especially at night time. I will look into the flutter device. I was attending the local physio department for another problem when I mentioned the copd to them. One of the physio's who specialised in copd came to see me and explained all about PR and that my name would be on the list. He showed me some exercises. To cut a long story short the PR didn't happen because the respiratory nurse who has to be present was " away doung something else", and has never reappeared, and the physio has now left so the PR never happened. I live on a small island so resources are not what they are on the mainland, so just accepted the situation at that time. I then did my own research, and learned some techniques as well as speaking to other physios and have managed quite well. Fortunately I have remained infection free this winter so that has helped enormously, but if things worsen again I will enquire about PR, and I will certainly look into the flutter device as that sounds useful.

    I also have reflux which doesn't help, but that is under better control now too.

    Thanks very much for your helpful suggestions, and your kindness.

    I hope you continue to keep well, and keep going to PR if you need to.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

  • thanks Nanny1086, good to hear from you. xxxx

  • Hello again sassy59 nearly 60 sorry to read Pete is having a bad time which means you to are then, hope its sorted soon and the back gets fixed. Look after yourself as well. Love xxx Fred :)

  • Thanks Fred and I am sure Pete will be on the mend soon. It is hard to see him unwell but I will do my best for him and will look after myself too. Love to you too. Carole xxxxx

  • Sorry to here that Sassy...I hope Pete is on the mend soon. It's not easy caring for take it easy yourself too. xxx

  • Hi Lyn, it is hard work being a carer sometimes but I am happy to look after Pete. He would do the same for me. I am doing ok thanks and hope you are too. xxxx

  • Oh dear, so sorry to hear this Sassy. I really hope it doesn't turn nasty. Thinking of you both with very best wishes - take care of precious you too xxx P

  • Thanks peege, doing my best for Pete and he will get through this. Love to you too. xxxx

  • Ah Sassy, you must be worn out too.

    Poor Pete I know what he is going through. I spent yesterday almost choking even with taking 5ml Ventolin every 3 hours in the nebuliser followed by saline. Felt like that was making it worse. No sputum production at all! (Think my mucus comes from reflux problems for which I take omeprozole.) Seems better today but still very SOB. I am currently visiting the pulmonary physio and she has shown me how to lie on my side with feet slightly elevated for 15 mins x 3 times a day while doing breathing techniques while still lying down. I'm sure you know all this anyway Sassy but just in case. Please take care of yourself too. Hope tomorrow is a better day for Pete and you Love to you both. Sara xx

  • I am a bit weary butter-fly but not as tired as poor Pete. He struggles to sleep because of the persistent choking. Thanks for the tips, kind of you to pass valuable information on. Every little helps.

    You take care and feel better soon.

    Carole xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy so sorry about your poor Pete he is really having a rough time of it. I do hope the hospital get a wriggle on sooner rather than later, it's so not fair that people suffer with bad constant pain in this day and age. Must be rotten for you to see him suffer so. Do hope this choking thing today is just an off day and not anything untoward lurking.

    Please know sassy that you are brilliant in all that you do for your Pete he is a very lucky man and I'm sure he knows that.

    Blessings to you both :) Janexx

  • Hi Jane, thanks for your very kind comments and I am very lucky to have Pete too. He is ok but it does seem like an infection which he has not had for ages. All this and his back are making him feel low but we will get over it. I hope you are doing ok and staying as well as you can.

    Lots of love, Carole xxxx

  • Hi Sassy, Sorry to hear Pete is having problems. Couple of points which please ignore if they aren't relevant. I get choking fits with clear sticky mucus which eventually comes up easily but can block off my airway. It comes from my throat and i think is connected to reflux. It is much worse when i eat a lot of cheese and/or wheat. I don't know about Pete's diet but there is a direct connection between choking and those foods for me.

    If the choking is connected with reflux, a wedge pillow or a backrest as Huggs suggests might help.

    Do hope Pete feels better soon. Very best to both of you :)

  • Thanks for your input O2, kind of you to put me in the picture. I will check if it is reflux but I am not sure it is. His mucous is much thicker and stickier now so hopefully the ab's will kick in soon. I will keep your comments in mind though just in case. I do like useful info so thanks for that.

    Good wishes to you too. xxxxx

  • Oh dear Sassy I hope poor Pete is feeling better very soon. He is a lucky man to have you to look after him so well. Take care xx

  • Thanks cough, Pete is poorly so he is taking the ab's now. Fingers crossed he will be ok soon. You take care too. xxx

  • I hope today is a better day for you and Pete, take care Sassy x

  • Thank you Xris. xxxx

  • Wishing Peter speedy recovery and also wishing you well Sassy xx

  • Thank you so much. xxxxx

  • Hello Sassy, I hope your Pete is feeling a little better today and you are well yourself, sending get well hugs and I recommend a nice massage for you both! hugs huff xxxx

  • Hi hufferpuffer, thanks for your kind comments and hugs back to you. When will you be round to do the massage then? xxxx :)

  • Much love to you both and hoping for better times to come xx

  • Thank you so much vashti and all the best to you too. I am sure Pete will feel better soon. xxx

  • Much love and best wishes for some much-needed relief of those troublesome symptoms. Hang on in there Sassy, we are all hoping that Pete feels better soon.

  • Thank you Argana. Pete not doing great but everyone's support and good wishes are very much appreciated. Take care xxxx

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