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am i entitled to dla

Hi was looking for a little help.

I broke my heel bone on September 11th 2014 and had a 2 week hospital stay were i went through an operation and had pins and plate put in my foot. i was sent home and to have my foot elevated and return in a week to have my cast removed. When i returned and they took my cast off i was left with 2 pressure sores were my scar was,one of these are still healing and was attending my GP twice a week to have my dressings changed. i am still using one crutch 2 get around as the pain in my foot and bk when i don't use my crutch is unbearable. I feel i haven't been getting any help and feeling very low about all this.

I have applied for DLA and would really like to no if anyone has any info. also anyone who has had a heel fracture to get in touch.

Thanks xx

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This link explains the basics for you as new claims now have to be for PIP :)

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I may be wrong but I think you have to have a condition that will not improve in 12 months. Sometime the crutch can be the problem to the pain? I have been warned not to use a stick as that could cause more problems to my spine. I would say you are in need of physio to get you back on your feet.

Be wEll


Hi Lesleyanne, I too have had a foot op. The reason they tell you to elevate your foot is so that it heals more quickly, because you need to get the blood moving around the body and elevating your feet does this. It also takes time, I was off the road for 3 months (with elevated fee) and then in a boot for a further 3 months whilst I learned to walk again on crutches. Would I go through it again, yes in a heart beat. As for help I hope you get the dla allowance, are you alone? It must be very difficult if you are, I was loaned a very small commode/wheelchair (your local loan store, nhs run will help you get anything you need), it was marvellous, I was whizzing around my flat enjoying every ride. I luckily had my husband who is my carer to do the cooking and other things, I also had a cleaner. I realise you may not be in the same position but ask your family and friends for help I am sure they will do anything they can. Take care and keep smiling, even if a little wobbily. Maximonkeyt


Unfortunately it is probably not worth your time trying to claim DLA or PIP as these benefits are only for long term,I.e. Over one year disabilities.It took me 8 months just to be assessed.I suggest getting your GP to refer you to occupational health therapy,they can authorise special help for you.Good luck, D.


hi thanks everyone on all your advise it really helps. This is my first time writing on a site like this so bit slow on reply. I have now been told from my GP i have Sudeck's Atrophy. I am so worried as i read alot online about this. if anyone has any info or has this please get intouch. I believe i am at stage 1 so fingers crossed this has been caught early.

thanks again everyone for your help :)


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