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is this an impossible cleaning question?

I have a big ramp outside my home with little square holes in and its a rough non slip material. My bungalow roof is loaded with moss that constantly drops and is chucked down by birds. My elec wheelchair and postman etc crush the stuff into holes, it doesn't move easily because the ramp is sort of sticky to it, being non slip and seems to grip the stuff. Its on public footpath and there is no water access to hose it down either.

I have nobody to do it for me and have al sorts of health problems including emphysema, various heart and fibromyalgia and M.E. so energy and muscles aren't great and Im easily exhausted, and am wondering what the simplest way to clean it is. Not able to sweep it. When I go out in my elec wheelchair or someone walks over it the stuff gets squished into the holes, and when wet its probably slippy, not sure.

ramp is on a public footpath and the housing people said they wont clear it from roof but I could pay to have it done, only I cant afford to do that, and cant use a grabber as a lot is very small and Id never finish the task, so what on earth is the easiest way to deal with it please? Does anybody know?


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I would try salt.

If there is a box of road salt near by use that ( household salt will do also ), should kill the moss and any weeds and washes off with the rain but will keep it clear of snow as well.

You could ask people like the lions/age uk if they have a community scheme that would get the moss off the roof for free?

Be Well


Thanks for that, but think I need to get rid of it because wheelchair and kids playing running up ramp tread it into the holes where it gets stuck. I will contact age uk and see what they say. Thanks for the idea.


thanks again to all. Age uk will send someone to clear the gutters and under my ramp for me, which is such a relief. The roof is up to housing though and the said no, but it will help for now anway. Thanks for the idea offcut. x


Hi Carole

If the ramp is on a public footpath then I believe it is the councils responsibility to keep it clear - if it is not clear it is a Health & Safety issue. I would suggest you contact them. I have had a great deal of success in our road getting paths, fences and painting done by the council.

Obviously mention that you are disabled and ask for someone to come out and have a look - make sure you are there when they come as you can state your case better.

Let me know how you get on.

Take care

(My chickens would love to come round and peck it out for you they love stuff like moss LOL)



thanks for response but it isnt that simple because the ramp was put in for me to have wheelchair access, and was done with a wetroom at same time, on one of those grants you repay if you move out before 5 years, so it is up to me not the council unfortunately and will be my responsibility to maintain as well. My door opened onto the path, having no garden, they actually rebuilt a little path around the ramp to allow me to actually have one and maintain public route past, so I'm actually very blessed to have been granted it. I just didn't know about the moss then.



Hay the houseing people should do it for you as all the crap can get in way when your moveing away+ you cant do it and have no one to do it for you dont let them flog you off there ment to do it for you lloegr its there houseing flat


Well certainly the answer is to get rid of the moss on the roof, but can understand your problem! Think the only way is to contact various charities to see if anyone will do the roof for you and keep plugging away at them. Good luck.

p.s. I have it on my roof and the birds peck at it and fill the gutters!