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Do you have Lung Cancer?

Good afternoon

The BLF would like to speak some people, diagnosed with lung cancer, to ask their opinions and experience of the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Someone from the BLF would contact you by telephone to talk to you – probably ask one or two specific questions. The responses would then be used to help structure the campaigns we want to do around the early diagnosis of lung cancer.

If you would like to take part please contact me on 03000 030 555 - or send an email to me at

Thank you


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I have one for you i have first hand experiance with .. I had aunt last xmas die of lung cancer she never told anyone was very brave till end

This xmas my aunts husdband was going for heart bypass and on table was canceled as he to had cancer

I was amazed the coutless xrays he had yet it was not picked up till he was on table by heart surgeon

One as to ask why heart radiolagist will not say out if they see stuff on lung and vise versa.

Bit of joined up thinking in stead of jobs worthes worring about standing on each others profesional toes would go a long way in saving lifes

As to my own experience yes i went to see my now X gp over my own lung condition that was first put down to anxiety then eperlespy then told b4 i had even sat down as mater of fact by doctor O your the one with cancer how true that is i don't know as i never received apology. .. but when i spoke to lung doc he never admitted or deigned it so is anyone guess really.

Take my latest post for example Asbestos Thymoma most cases are left as doc's think its benign fatty lump gristle generally as all think asbestos exposure causes plaques which is untrue as there is a more serious side to asbestos fibber inhalation and thats blue and brown asbestos that was used in navvy ships and schools.

According to scholar articles blue brown asbestos fibbers are ones that cause the deadly mesothelioma first seen with Thymoma issues and related problem that go ignored due to other medical issues


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