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Hi every one just to say had my results from the oncologist today not good but not to bad either really the one in the remainder of the right lung has started to grow and now I have 2 in the left lung but the good news is they are very small and I mean small, so contact is being made with a chap that burnt the last lot to see if he will help out again. Either way it will be sorted and I can not worry about it as there is nothing I can do other than carry on with life and keep smiling, what say you friends. Love Fred x

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Here is a poem, about worry which I think is funny.

WHY WORRY? There are only two things to worry about. Either you are well or

you are sick. If you are well, there is nothing to worry about. But if you are sick, there

are only two things to worry about: Either you will get well, or you will die. If you get

well, there is nothing to worry about. If you die, there are only two things to worry

about. Either you will go to Heaven, or you will go to Hell. If you go to Heaven, there

is nothing to worry about. But if you go to Hell, you'll be so damn busy shaking hands

with all your friends, you won't have time to worry.

Keep your pecker up and stay positive x

Hi witchygirl love the poem will keep that and loved the last bit, see your fairly new to the group any way welcome from me x

Hi Fred, good to see you are taking a very positive view of things and that is the best way to be. Sending you good wishes and hoping all will be well for you. take care xxx

Thanks sassy59 nearly 60 your kind and I will remain positive with the help of family and friends like yourself xx

Hi Fred, small is good and the fact they are going to deal with them is good too. Keep your chin up love. xxx

Hello casper99 thanks for writing and at the moment its me that is saying they will deal with it, but I am sure they will in the long run one way or the other. Hope you are ok, Fred xx

Hi Holly. Well done for being so positive. Glad they are small &the docs can sort it out. Nest wishes Nanaeal

Thanks Nanaeal for your wishes and at the moment its only me that says they can sort it but they have the times before so just like to be positive. All the best Fred xx

They can do so much these days Fred...stay positive and keep us posted. xxx

Thanks Jolyn keep taking those lovely photo's xxx

Hi fred. I kept really positive when I was on the cancer journey, just like you do, it makes a huge difference. That's good news that the things in your lungs are so small that they have to be zapped though rather than an operation etc. you have a fab outlook on life. When I was in hospital getting chemo back in 2010 a few friends said to me "how can you cope you poor thing" I said you don't cope you get on and deal with it. Love LeeLee x

Thank you LeeLee I agree with you its a case of dealing with it, so far I have been operated on, chemo'ed and then RFA'ed (burnt) so all those that are there for the first time there is light at the end of the long tunnel so smile it really helps. Love Fred xx

Oh happy birthday smiley Fred!

Thanks LeeLee another year clocked up xx

Really do admire you Fred and your positive attitude. It is good that they are going to zap those little blighters in the very early stage. Even so it's still a pretty scary place to be but they wouldn't even be trying if they didn't think you had a good chance. Sending you all my good wishes and positive thoughts. Let us know how you get on.

Sara xx

Cheers for the wishes Sara will let you know if the lovely Doctor in Exeter agrees to zap the blighters again but what ever will be will be. Fred xxx

Thinking of you, i hope it goes well stay positive they can do wonders these days when it is caught early xx

Thanks for the thoughts, I am positive now , but must admit I was not the first time around and was a right grumpy, but now eight years on and two lots of cancer under the belt its a different ball game as they say, and friends on here are a great help xx Fred

wishing you well, Fred. My dad was a Fred, love that name. when he died aged 80 I wrote a poem...

He really was an awkward chap, who often made us cross,

So why is it that now he's gone we feel an awful loss.

He was the sort that never waiver in their fight against the years -

the salt that gives life flavour, and we mourn him with our tears.

so when your old dad grumbles, just hold him close and say -

"I love you Dad, I always will"- it will really make his day!

Hope you don't mind me being sentimental, Dad died of emphasyma but never let it get him down. My boys loved him, he was a rebel and now I can see that it was his way of coping.

Very, very best wishes to you Iris x

Thanks Iris loved the poem will write that out if that's alright, hope you are keeping alright. Fredxx

so nice of you to be kind about my poem. I wrote it years ago but have never shared it before. I find as I get older (80 now) I think of my parents at my age more. Although life can be cruel' what shines through is the human spirit. Yes, there are bad people, but so many more really wonderful, inspiring people. Many of them on this forum! wouldn't it be nice if there was a Good News programme to balance all the bad news. keep smiling, Iris x

Thanks Iris I feel rather special being allowed to have access to your poem, have you tried to write any other, also I heard that 80 is the new 60's so keep smiling. Fred xx

of course you're special, Fred. I did write one or two others, years ago, they are tucked away somewhere. I do feel blessed in many ways, having a wonderful husband and three fine sons.

Three very special grandchildren, although two grandchildren live in

Sydney. We see them fairly regularly though. so this age has it's compensations. Iris x

Great Positive post keep that glass half full!

Cheers off cut, keep smiling pal even if its hard at times. Fred

Hi Fred, I'm sorry it wasn't the greatest news for you, however, not the worst.

Still thinking of you and that the medics get you in asap to work their magic.

All the best to you, Peege

Thanks Peege I am sure they will sort it out some way or the other Fred x

Best of luck and hopefully the treatment will be easy and successful, well at least as easy as possible. Sure hope you can stay positive as they say attitude helps.

Thanks jackup it really does help me being positive and I have so much to still do in this life, even though I was a submariner in the Royal Navy for 25 years I still got things to do and places to see. So keep smiling

You really are an inspiration - so positive - brilliant - hope all goes well again with the 'burning' of the tumours. All best wishes. xx

Your kind Dedalus I would lie if I said I was always positive as it slips at times, but with family and friends I stay strong most of the time. Keep smiling Dedalus xx

i admire your courage fred, you will get things sorted ok, :)

like the old song, :)

why worry, why worry,

worry gets you nowhere at all,

if the skies are cloudy,

do not despair,

look for a silver lining , cause theres always one there.

why worry, why worry,

worry gets you no where at all :)

best of luck fred,, always thinking of you mate

best thoughts jimmy :)

Cheers there jimmy thanks for that I try not to worry and I am nowhere as bad as I used to be, I would worry that I had nothing to worry about, but as for the cancer there is nothing as such I can do about it so I will leave it to the people that are looking after me as they have done very well over the years. Thanks pal Fred .

hi fred, i understand you completely, by brother is in a similar position,although hes a real comical character ,but hes a real worrier, but off course its a worry to all our family loved ones etc. but with your courage you will see things through, get the right treatment, and you will recover,

the modern medicines nowadays are surely amazing, i pray for you fred, that soon that worry will go, and you make a recovery

i wish you well fred , like the others were all thinking of you,

best thoughts and wishes fred,, jimmy

Cheers pal

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