Visiting day

Good day to everyone,

Its been really quiet on here.

Hope everyone is feeling well.

I've been thinking about how I would

love to visit the UK. You guys make it

look and sound lovely. I cant really visit

but I can through your eyes. What sites would you show me? Where would we go

to eat and what would we have? Maybe even some pictures we would take.

anyone going to show me around?

Cant wait!


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  • Hi Ruby I would love you to visit Torbay which is in South Devon and is made up of Torquay, Paignton and Brixham. I would take you on the boat trips and down the beaches and the coastal walks (very hilly so perhaps not :) )

    Tried to put a link on but it appears I have forgotten how so you will have to google I'm afraid. x

  • Sounds great, what will we eat. I would want to try your favorite.


  • Hi coughalot!, me too have been in Torbay 6 years and the best place ever. Blue seas, green fields, fish and chips and wonderful people, as well as a host of activities to take part in, including a sea water swimming pool amongst the rocks!

    Best wishes barnowl

  • Hi

    All my own work just for you.

    Took all afternoon.

  • Beautiful!

  • Stone,

    You really did a wonderful job. I am amazed! Its beautiful. You made my day. You made me want to visit even more! Who is at the end of the video? Thank you so much!


  • Hi

    Just two walkers enjoying the Scottish Scenery.

    It is just a collection of photos that I made into a movie.

    The majority of visitors go no further than London, forgetting we have so many national parks. And areas of extreme beauty.

  • Where do you live Stone?

    Thank you again.xx

  • wow What a lovely video of our country, It shows the beauty of England. England is so diverse, I live by the sea on the South Coast. Again beautiful we live near a medieval village and a Roman Fort, later taken over by William the Conquer Who was my grand father about 10 times over. 1066 he landed right here where I live.

    I have followed you and will post some pictures today.

    The vid above is super, well done.

    Kathy xxxx

  • That is so fantastic Stone, well done you! My N.Ys. resolution is to be able to post a picture, but doubt my fuddled brain could manage anything as beautiful as that. Love Kin Xx

  • Beautiful and oh so clever to be able to create the video, best wishes barnowl

  • Brilliant video thank you

  • Hi Ruby, you could visit the pretty canals in South Wales. Take a trip on a canal barge and enjoy tea on deck in the afternoon sunshine. You could watch the swans and ducks with their babies swimming along in the cool waters and enjoy the fresh country air. Lyn xxx

  • Sounds lovely!

    Will you join me for tea?

    I do love tea.maybe you can teach me to take better pictures! I like to take them but mine sure dont look like yours. ( I wish )



  • I'll pour us a cup of tea now...passing you a plate of sandwiches. We've got clotted cream and jam doughnuts for later :-)

  • Hi Ruby, the video that Stone has shown you will give you an idea of the diversity of our country, but be aware that if you are visiting London - few people speak English there anymore! Lol

  • Hi rubyred, As written above my favourite place is Torbay, but the U.K has a vast number of beautiful places and diverse people. In London last year, a busy but vibrant and historical place. A multicultural city but the only language I actually heard was English. Sorry I'm not technical enough to post pictures Best Wishes barnowl.

  • Hi Ruby,we live right next to Alexandra Palace where the very first TV pictures were broadcast there is also underground tunnels that were used during the war,There is also a Deer park with real live animals and various eateries.I be happy to show you round,unfortunately our tiny flat is too small to offer you accommodation but there are plenty hotels near by.We,re in London,where are you?Regards D. :D

  • Sounds great D.! Wow I'm really intrigued .can anyone go in the underground tunnels? I am in n.j.

    usa! Quite a hike huh? I'll get there yet. Anything bad about living there? Cant all be good!


  • The tunnels are still open to the public as far as I know,not my cup of tea,enclosed spaces lol.It,s expensive and air quality is poor,too much traffic but I like living here,originally from Aberdeen northeast Scotland.I came here for work many years ago and got stuck! :D

  • I'd recommend a trip on the Norfolk Broads ( I didn't make the video !) which is my part of the country and where I work.

  • Thanks Puff,

    Really enjoyed the video! It was like I was right there with them.Its lovely there.Your so lucky! I would surely come visit you.

    thanks so much


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