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Just thought ad share my latest acquisition.

As you can guess am very excited by my latiest acquisition am that excited a can't breath.

Well theres a surprise given my lung condition YUP a will try and reframe from choping bits off to look at and wait for bits to drop of ;)

In seriousness this hole asbestos inflamation lung disease stuff needs bit more looking at under a quality digital microscope on a cellular leval

A think ;)

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Wow Daz that is some piece of equipment there. Don't get too excited and stop breathing though. You take care and look after yourself. You still have lots of fight in you it seems. Good for you. Thinking of you and stay warm. xxx

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Hi Sassy59 cheers thanks yer i do get tad excited and heart plays uo but if you blow out dead fast it re sets ya speed wobble ;)

Yer i was guna get eye piece one but eyes are not what the use to be and my breath use to steam up the slide

Am saying no more on steaming slide up lol So i opted for big sreen display

My lung doc just loves my microscope am sure NEXT time a see him am guna say i needed it to find you as ya always hiding.

Anyway cheers thanks ;)

Cool bit of kit.

All the time the said what they took I could get what they said? What I was hearing was not anything that made sense other than it worked well? I know my hearing is not 100% maybe a bad day for me?

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Hi offcutts yer the going on about wonders of pro biotics fatty acids in video i was just intrested in cells description

You ever had a blood taken and wonderd what white bits are in test tube xx the ya fatty acicds tri something or other but thats what ya blood cells feed on to give us our energy

A just thought it was medical talc in tube to stop blood sticking

Never ever seen anything but red stuff ? I have been taking Pro biotics since ICU in 2008

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Yup red stuff is allways a plus plus think pro biotics do us good in long run its just a chour really

A think the center of our condition or dieased state universe is those pesky lipids lipods or what ever called.

Heres intresting read


You are funny Daz! Think you are going to have a lot of fun with your acquisition. Maybe help you fight the good fight.

That video scares me so I'll go back to being ignorant. xx

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Hi Butter-fly cheers am sure all be teaching my doc's thing or to yer it's our right to be ignorant after all the queen said it's our constitutional right and ok

So all be making most of that loop hole lol

Cheers thanks for comment ;)

Hi Denis,once again fascinating stuff,hope I,m around long enough for that last research to reach here lol.You been robbing banks again? That scope must have cost an arm and a leg lol.All the best mate! D. :D

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Hi FarmerD nice to see ya about .. Am sure you will be fella ;)

Scope was not that expensive the was not interested in my arms legs think the was scared of catching lung disease

So could say I fully exploited or robbed them ;)

Cheers thanks and yer is nice to see ya chewing the grits on again ;)

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