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Not sure if connected


Have adult bronchiolitis, and suffer from acid reflux. On prednisolone and acecycline. Resently my cough has got worse along with struggling to breath. Can understand that but not sure if the fact that l feel sick and my food seems to stick in my gullet is related....never had that before. Can anyone help with this.

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How did you find out that you had adult bronchiolitis, because I read up on this and thought that I fitted the bill perfectly? However, it has never come up in my brief conversations with the respiratory consultant.

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Was checked out for cough at my local hospital as it would not go away. Lots of tests done including scan. Hospital went to second opinion, still could not agree. Wanted me to go to Brompton heart and lung hosp, London, said no so they sent all my info to them and after a month, got told they felt l had adult bronchiolitis. Understand not easy to confirm as its usually a child's complaint, rare in adults. Hope that helps. All l can say if not under a hosp ask to be.

Hi I have acid reflux chronic my food gets stuck I kept feeling sick after my second Nissan fundoplication and both failed I had a camera put down my throat my 11 th may I add they found out I had gall stones lots of em they took my gall bladder out with stones and I was fine I went in the hospital on day case I was back home the same day and my sickness was gone I am on omeprozole and ranitidine I done get the acid much now but the doc says you are regurgitation food and it going in to your. Lungs I have copd / emphysema / bronchiectasis bronchiectasis is where your lungs swell up and you get more mucus and cough up blood what I fined that helps is mucodyne syrup three time a day and my inhalers Is symbicort turbohaler 400 / 12 spiriva and salamol so going back to you feeling sick and food getting stuck it could be a faulty sphinta is a flap what opens when you eat or drink and shuts when you don't but in me and you it stays open all the time the Nissan fundoplication is wher they wrap your stomach round your oesophagus and stops your acid coming up as it make your oesophagus raw and gave your pain the first one I had done lasted 5 year then it failed I had re do. But that failed and I got told I could not have any more done most people it works first time and works very well but in my case it did not the first time you have it done it's very painfull you have tubes up your nose and one in your chest well near your chest the pain is with the gas they blow you up with it take about 5 hour to do and you are on mophine via a Pca for about two weeks then they take tubes out then they get you walking to get rid of the gas still left in you can't eat you have to drink fortisips for a long time they do try make you have some food but it's got to be purée but it goes down in lumps it makes you gag like you are going to be sick lol so I think it could be your acid reflux get your doctor to send you to see a specialist and see what he or she say and take it from there sorry for going on but I hope that helps

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Thanks for your reply. Have had gallstones before, and have a family history relating to acid. Even resently been told l have gout in fingers and feet. Been on most of the medication u have mention and not a lot helps. However will bare in mind what your saying. Hope things improve for you.

Hi, I was wondering if the prednisolone tablets that you take are the red coated ones that are kinder on the stomach than the white ordinary ones. They are more expensive I think but worth asking for if you suffer from reflux. I was prescribed omaprozole as well.

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Mine are white. Did not know you could get red ones. Thanks for ur input.

Hi pamilia, I have a hiatus hernia but not a bad one, my food gets stuck I have to drink water whilst eating things like bread, pastry, meat and chips funnily enough. I take Lanzaprazole each day and have in the past tried allsorts of things to help, my recent thing is squeeze half a lemon and add hot water, I sip this and take 2 paracetomol, at the moment this seems to be helping me thank goodness, give it a try, nothing to loose.

Hope it helps

Take care

polly xx

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You have made me think that perhaps my hiatus hernia, might have something to do with it. Forgot about it as its been some twenty years since l was told and nothing was done about it.

Seeing my hosp consultant next week, so l will mention it.

Just one of my many health issues.

Hope ur coping well.

Hi Pamilia, I have copd and stage 4 reflux. Unfortunately reflux is a progressive condition, and though i know nothing about adult bronchiolitis, copd and reflux can make each other worse. Refluxate can get aspirated into the lungs causing coughing and shortness of breath.

You don't mention if you do all the lifestyle things to manage the reflux - sleeping on your left side on a wedge pillow, or raised head of bed. Diet - avoiding triggers which are usually (slightly different for different people) onion, garlic, alcohol, caffeine, chocolate ( :( ) fatty foods, citrous fruits except lemon, peppermint. And not eating large meals and not late at night. Ginger tea sipped slowly will help, and chewing gum (sugar free) will help wash the reflux back down into the stomach.

You definitely should have the red coated (gastro-resistant) predinisolone tablets mentioned by knitter above. Having the non-coated ones used to give me uncontrollable coughing spasms. Occasionally you'll get an awkward GP saying you can't have them due to expense, so just in case that happens, insist because of your reflux and lung condition.

Im going to ask my reflux specialist about having a LINX procedure (newer and less invasive than the fundoplication) - its a kind of bracelet of magnets which fits around your LES (the sphincter connecting stomach and oesophagus). It might be worth asking your GP. No idea if it would be considered suitable for me but no harm in asking!

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Thanks for all your feedback, seeing my consultant next week and see what he says. Have changed my gp resently, but as my acid levels are up and been told l now have gout in my fingers and feet, l need to speak first with consultant. Question him as he prescribed them if l can have the red steriods instead. As to price , the immune tablets he has me on cost £116, thankfully l am an oap so don't need to pay or prescription cost.

Have done what u mentioned, but has not helped much.

Hope u are keeping good health.

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Im so sorry you have the gout; i have friends with it and they tell me how dreadful the pain is. I hope you can get some improvement. Good luck with the consultant.

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