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Scared carer


I am a carer for my mother who has had COPD for several years. Although still living stubbornly independently in her own home, my mum is 92 years old and on 15 hours a day oxygen therapy, so I guess we are at the sharp end of this condition. Even writing this is upsetting. I am blessed to have had my mum for so long and will do anything to support her, but I have to admit how frightening and isolating it is when she is struggling with episodes, and a choking cough. She has had several chest infections over the last few months - one on top of another actually -chest constantly tight and crackly despite antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and steroids (Prednisolone) GP has advised me to start her on yet another course of the same (4th round in as many months) He is reluctant to change antibiotic because of side effects, so we will see what he says when he visits on Monday. I turned to this site two days ago, for information, but having joined the forum have already found much comfort from reading the experience and counsel of people who are also dealing with this illness. Even seeing the number of people who have joined the forum since me, makes me feel less alone. Thank you so much everyone. and stay well' Would be grateful for any advice to make Mum more comfortable.


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You just keep doing what you are ,what a lovely caring daughter you are

Take care

Dorothy xx


I agree with newlands and you can only do what you can really. Your mum is so prescious to you which is totally understandable and she has done a good job in helping you become the wonderful daughter you are. I hope you get some help from the doctor on Monday and bless you and your lovely mum. Take care and thinking of you. xxxx


Thinking of you and your wonderful Mother, hope doctor can give something to help a bit more, stay strong will remember you in my prayers, xx


keep the dust down and try and keep an even temperature. It is obvious the love is there but do not let the condition take you down.

Be Well


thankyou for the info on vitamin a i have just ordered them


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