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Bullous Emphysema

I wont boar you all with my details as I've asked loads of questions and had loads of very helpful replies and advice.

I was reading up on my Bullous Emphysema today and came across a very Interesting article on it.

As you know I had smoked for about 26 years very light smoker, the article stated people with Bullous Emphysema were probably born with it, this would back up my doctors theory, never gave his theory much thought until now. I always put it down to my smoking habit. 10 menthol per day but not at the start, I would only smoke about 5 cigs a day for the first few years then I graduated up to about 10 a day.

It was a very encouraging read as it states that being diagnosed very early (stage 1 very mild fev1 81%) with little or no symptoms and due to stopping smoking It should not progress however the lung volume will decline with age, it's all about keeping fit, eating healthy and doing the right things and staying away from cigs and cigarette smoke.

Every year I used to have a few new year resolutions, top one was giving up smoking, funny, now all I want to do is to stay fit and healthy, been off the dreaded cigs 4 years this March.


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Well done David, I was a menthol smoker too, I conned myself into thinking menthol fags were better for u lol, that was my reasoning at the time anyway. Hopefully if u can stay fit and healthy even if it doesn't improve u can halt the progression. Take care x Sonia x


Menthol cigs, wow they were lovely, and here we are paying the price.

Do you have a link for this article David? Im very interested, also having bullous emphysema.

Although 10 a day is less than many ppl, i don't think it can be termed light.

I smoked 10 a day for 20 years, giving up 15 years before dx at moderate stage when i was 55. Im now at 37% fev1 fourteen years later. I exercise and eat well and feel pretty good except when I've got an exacerbation. But desaturation is worse and i need ambulatory O2.

The combination of smoking history (or none), environmental and genetic factors seem so different for everyone.

Thanks for your post.


Well done for kicking the habit,,,I'm pretty much the same as you ,I was diagnosed in 1992. Blue lighted into hospital ,,,,that the first time and the day I found out why I was struggling to get my breath ,the consultant asked rid I smoked ,,,,yes I replied,,,,,wrong answer he said,,,,the next one will kill you,,,,,I never had another one, ,,,, I'm 69 now, and go to the gym 2 times a week, where i do 2 mile on treadmill ,3 on the bike and 10000. Meters on the rower, I try to eat healthy as much as I can, but I do love my chocolate,,,,so that's my treat if I've done well at the gym ,,,,I eat plenty of fruit and salads and veg, but I have say I've had a bad year 2014 my breathing has deteriated quite a bit ,,,,. So onwards and upwards,,,,sitting about won't make me better so back to the gym Tuesday for me,,,good luck ,best wishes,


Well done and good for you, you fitness sounds great.

I was diagnosed by chance, I went to the doctor's for something else and he sent me for a chest x ray and CT scan, that's when he told me I had Bullos Emphysema back in early 2010.

I had a breathing teat done in 2012, very very mild with a fev1 of 79%, then in 2013 I had the same test, fev1 of 81%.

I also stopped when I was told of the COPD. I have a lot in my top right lung going along the side and have some in my top left lung but not as much as my right lung.

I don't really exhibit any symptoms and thankfully I'm not on any medication.

I do a lot of deep breathing exercises, stretching exercises twice per day along with weights.

Very busy full time career along with 2 kids, 3 dogs, 2 rabbits and a wee chinchilla oh and the wife lol.

For me its all about education awareness with this Bullos Emphysema and doing the best for my health, eating is ok but could do a bit better, generally keep ok and have been sticking to my exercise regime.

Doctor thinks I was born with this and only came to light when I visited him for something else, did feel out of breath at the start when I started to stop smoking but he said that was natural as the chemical in fags open the air ways so when you stop that's when you get out of breath.

Hopefully I'm doing the right things, doc reckons I should not really get any worse even although the fev1 declines with age, as long as I keep doing the things I'm doing and stay away from fags.

Being diagnosed very early was a blessing for me, as the doc says I was very unlucky to have this, but lucky to have been diagnosed at a very early stage.

We all have our crosses to bear and I guess this is mine. One good thing is the education I have given my 14 and 11 year old about the dangers of smoking, just pray they do not start the habit or anything else.

All the best and keep up the fight.



Sounds like you'll be ok ,and the best thing is you telling your children about the dangers if smoking,I asked my 10 yearold grandaughter to make me one promise throughout her life,,,,,,,no drugs,,,,,and no smoking ,,,,she's a good little girl and gas seen me at my worst in hospital beds over the years,,,,,,and has said " don't worry nanny I will keep my promise to you " that's all we can ask ,


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