if you want a wee quickie :D

i just had to put this on, as its perfectly true,, typical of kids :D

whilst at my sisters for christmas dinner where all my great nephews and nieces were, i sat on the couch with my portable oxygen on the floor at the side of me,,

with the nasal cannula around my ears and up my nose,

When jack [5 years old ] innocently shouted aloud,, "uncle james you've got something up your nose!! "

Then leah , quite the young lady [12 years old ] and the boss, ,shouted at her younger brother,,,

" jack, you dont say things like to uncle james ,,, you just whisper to him, ,,, uncle james you need to use your hankie " :D

i nearly split my sides laughing, the kids are the real comedians :)

jimmy xxx :D

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Great, I bet you laughed. I love children & animals for their innocent honesty. Happy New Year, love Margaret x


I love listening and watching the antics of kids Jimmy. They could teach us something!

Sara xx

Brilliant jimmy, they sound great kids. Happy New Year to you. xxxx

Innocence so funny.

thanks folks, yes kids can be so innocently comical , i think leah thought it was "another" thing up my nose!! :D not exactly what jack was meaning :D

lots of kind wishes and a happy healthy new year to all ,

love jimmy xxx :)

And did the hankie work Jimmy? :d x

:D :D :D trust you cough!!

yes it did work :D i finished up with a big lump of it in my hand :D ha ha lol

jimmy xxx :)

,,,,christmas pudding, that is off course ? lol :D

That is so sweet.... Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Day x

had a great day Xris , hope you had the same

love jimmy xxx :)

Out of the mouth of babes,eh? Sounds like you had a lovely day,with your little comedians! So pleased for you, xxxx

thanks wendells, , yes had a great day, :) the kids make it like that, :D kindest thoughts jimmy :) xxxx

My 3 year old grandson, seeing Grandad with portable cylinder for the first time. "What is that on Grandad?" I explained it was to help him breathe so Thomas ran to Grandad. "You just do this Grandad - in, out" demonstrating with exaggerated big breaths. Don't you love them!

hi Brishe 1, :D i can just picture it lol, "you just do this grandad" !! :D they like to be so helpful , but very funny in the process,

all the very best Brishe 1 , Jimmy :) :)

,Children always tell it as it is,love it xx

yes, they do that bikergrove , sometimes it can be quite embarrassing , as they always talk the truth :D

all the very best biker , jimmy :) :)

Reminds me of a few years ago when Natalie, my eldest granddaughter was about 3 years old. She wanted me to do something with her and I apologised saying "I don't think I have enough breath sweetheart." Natalie, "Yes you do Granny, you have breath in your bag!'" My inhalers!!! :-) She's wonderful.

hi kathy,

its great what the kids can come out with :) , , they are so observant, etc, and come out with the most funniest of remarks :D god bless wee Natalie lol :)

love jimmy xxx :)

Don't you just love them Jimmy, Best wishes Bulpit

hi bulpit , aye they can make the day sometimes, :) or embarrass you to the limit lol :) but its great just to listen to them, as they can fairly make you laugh :)

take care now ,, jimmy :)

I love the honesty of Children

aye they can be brilliant at times , they are dead honest,, and funny with it lol :) jimmy :)

My wife sent my granddaughter to me in the lounge with the message . Granddad you have to go for a wee before sitting down for the meal , She is 18 years of age .

:D :D thats a cracker that one lol :D all the very best brunlea, jimmy :) :)

Lovely story. Made me smile.

hi Travel_bug , yes , the kids can make your day with just a simple remark :) jimmy :)

Kids can give such a laugh eh Jimmy,how you doing?have a good Christmas?Hope you are happy and healthy in this cold weather and a very happy hogmany to you.D. :D

hi farmer,aye the kids are a scream :D but its good to be able to hand them back lol :D i'm doing not too bad, had a great christmas , i,ll have a quiet hogmanay lol [ i wouldn't have said that 40 years ago lol :D ]

you have a great time on hogmanay farmer, and a great 2015 when it comes

all the very best jimmy :)

Seeing these posts made me think how times have changed. My Gran (I'm 66) had perhaps asthma and had a glass inhaler and a bottle of liquid medication which she carried everywhere in a bag with a hankie. We kids would shout "have you got your rag, bag and pump" before she left the house.

i Brishe1

i can just imagine them saying this :D some of todays so-called "alternative" comedians would do well to take "scripts" from the kids, :D their funnier :D

aye, how times have certainly changed lol :)

have a great new year,,, jimmy:)

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