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Drug Trial - Visit 5

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Hi Everyone, hope you all had a happy and peaceful Christmas and didn't forget to take your medication! I had my fifth visit last week and I did the usual things, spirometry, vital signs and 6 minute walk, which was a bit down on my previous attempt but the Research Nurse was generally satisfied with me. I also saw the Doctor and she recommended that I have a blood test to check my immunity as I was so poorly when I had a temperature of 38 degrees 6 weeks ago. She also asked a Physio to see me to check on my use of my acapella. She suggested that I use it in the afternoon when I produce most sputum rather than the morning when I produced hardly anything, and to do the night time use lying on my side. I've not tried this yet, too much of a faff. The Research Nurse rang me to say my immunity was O.K. I'm off the trial drug again this month and start again on Visit 6. The Research Nurse is going to talk to the Monitor of the trial as it is not clear in all the blurb that it is one month on one month off. That's all for now. Hope 2015 brings you health and happiness and let's all keep in touch eh! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL, and thanks for your friendship. Take care. Love Lizzy x

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Thanks for the update - great job. Best wishes for 2015xxx

Good on you Lizzy and bravo.

Hope you had a peaceful Christmas with your Mr Skinny and family.

I did. Very peaceful on my tod!

Lots of healing sunshine here, hilly walks and stupendous views wherever I look.

Sending you best regards and some sun! P xxxx

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Hi Pen, glad to hear you are keeping O.K. and enjoying your new life. I thought you were living near your son, why on your own at Christmas? We have been getting the sun but of course, it's not so warm at this time of year and we are going to have the worst frost of the winter, so far, tonight. We didn't get any snow but never mind. Best wishes for a very happy new year to you and good health in 2015. Keep in touch. Take care. Love Lizzy xx

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You too Lizzy.

My son, his partner, plus her parents all went to England for an English Christmas!

Hi Lizzy nice to see you hope you have had a good Christmas and your better than you were 6 weeks ago?

Do you know what drug you are trialing? have you noticed any positive changes from it ?

Wishing you a very happy healthy new year Lizzy.Blessings :) Janexx

Hi longlungs, thank you for your good wishes. The drug I am trialling is Pulmaquin, it's something to do with Ciprofloxacin which I take when I have a chest infection, not noticed much difference to my health or the way I feel since I have been taking it. Thanks for your interest.

Take care and all the best for 2015. Love Lizzy x

Wish you hope health n happiness for new year,sounds interesting,all is ok with me at moment I stay in and enjoy my life I have my painting to do,and Buddhism to do n study,I can't go out it makes me bad.i get results from ct scan 6th. Could be blood clots in lungs?wait n see. Enjoy your life ,speak soon.

Hi Colours23, thanks for your good wishes. I do hope your ct scan has a positive outcome and am happy that you are content staying indoors. Best wishes to you for a happy and healthy New Year. Take care. Love Lizzy x

Hi Lizzy,Merry Christmas,well done for sticking at it and thanks for the update.Have a lovely New Year,all the best! D.

Hi FarmerD, lovely to hear from you, hope you are keeping going in this cold weather, wrap up warm. Happy New Year to you too. Love Lizzy x

Hi, how do you get involved in a drug trial. Do they give you more regular testing and ct scans as part of it. Is your medication limited to the trial drugs or are you allowed other drugs known to help.

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Hi Ponkmonster, thanks for your interest in the drug trial. I attend Papworth Hospital in Cambridge as an outpatient and they were invited to take part in the trial if they could find people who fitted the criteria, i.e. non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, which I did. I have done several drug trials and so I agreed to this one which takes a year to fulfil. I attend every month for blood tests, spirometry, vital signs and I sometimes see a Doctor and have to do a six minute walk test. I haven't had any x-rays or CT scans connected with this trial and I do carry on taking all my usual medications, the reason being is that the trial is double-blind, i.e. neither the Research Nurse or the hospital know whether I am on the actual drug, Pulmaquin, or a placebo although they can find out in a case of emergency. There is a web-site for drug trials but I don't remember it at the moment, if I find it I'll get back to you. All good wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. Take care, Lizzy x

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Thanks i live near birmingham qe may inquire there thankyou.

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