Our search for squirrel

Yesterday myself and my crime fighting friend jimmy123 were searching for squirrel, who was last seen begging for food at ribs. It seems that rib and offcut are in league together over the disappearance of squirrel. Both of them are now people of interest. If anybody know of squirrels whereabouts please contact me or jimmy. Thank you

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  • Ha ha,don't like your chances! xx

  • You watch this space wendells.

  • & pigs might fly!! Lol xxx

  • I see a lot of flying pigs, don't you? I thought everybody sees them, that's what they say anyway.

  • shh , dont keep telling folks that :D ,, ive told you before :D only to tell the psychiatrist , he knows pigs can fly !! :D

    jimmy :)

  • any evidence or sightings , please contact crime squad mustcarryon and jimmy , were almost like sherlock [or his brother pad.] holmes and dr watson ,, even better at solving squirrel cases :D or as we call them, :D "nut" cases :D

    welle crack it yet m.c.o :D jimmy :D

  • Yes jimmy, we'll crack it yet. I don't think anybody realises that we are senior detectives of the elite squad from the land of cuckoo.

  • :D :D yes thats us "senior detectives of the elite squad" or often known as,,, N.ever U.nsolved T.ransaction S.urveyors or nuts :D for short :D

    the nut, sorry the case is being cracked as we speak,

    plain clothed jimmy :D

  • That's brilliant jimmy, you have shown your full potential as a nut cracker.

  • Hi to the senior defectives, er, em, em sorry I mean detectivesof the elite squad.

    Is this the little guy you are looking for by any chance, I hope he is.


    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • thats him huggs ,, all information will be dealt with accordingly :D :D

    ribs has de-nutted him !! :D

    the plot thickens :D

    muscarryon,,,, hes eating him in bits!!! :D

    hugs to huggs from jimmy xxx :)

  • :p :d Thought you would like that Jimmy. Sorry have not been in touch, will explain later and now I have serious lappy issues, so cannot stay on long. Spent most of today at the hospital with an elderly neighbour who fell and broke her arm on the ice, and then lappy issues.

    Is Rib in hiding then? If you are in touch with him can you explain about lappy issues and am not really posting, but couldn't resist this one. I think it is safe to be online but now 100% sure, but need to relax a bit now. :d Glad to see you are sounding a lot better now Jimmy, and hope you are taking care. It was minus 8 through the night here, and that is rare for here, and then our ferries were fogbound.!! Its been quite a day all round.

    Take care, but I think Rib is making his way here to hide on the island, as he was talking about a specific place to me, that he saw on TV, that is on or near this island. I had better say no more. :d hee hee hee

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • computer probs here too huggs, its on a go slow,,, a bit like myself lol :D will speak later :) it was minus 6 last night here with that freezing fog!! , seems the same, or colder to night,,

    aha,, we now have reports of rib, escaping to your island,thinking he was "missed in the mist" !! :D

    .. m,c,o and i , paddy, have our spies there [mincespies :D :D lol ]

    were nuts on this case :D and will definitely crack it,,, paddy,,,,

    sorry jimmy :D

    hugs to huggs from jimmy xxx :)

  • I have no idea what you are talking about? We no longer have a squirrel problem in our area. The fact I have been seen with grey fluffy dusters has no relevance to the case. Ok my hat, scarf, hood, bag, hand muff has a fur lining has made it even warmer now is no proof it was me or Rib.

    To prove this I will post a link to the many uses those sweet little frolicking squirrels have.



  • Ha ha ha. Don't think you will get away with it. You, along with rib are top of our suspect list.

    And do you know what they say about our elite squad? "We always get our man"

  • Sciurus carolinensis

    some of my best friends are called Carol

  • Rib told me roadkill was fair game as long as it was still warm.

  • You need to be careful what you say. Be very careful, or, you may well end up with rib and offcut at the top of our suspect list.

    So there.

  • and you have to swerve to get it ;)

  • mmm e few suspects now, :D warwick stag, is quite right though, :D but in this weather you got to be there before the car hits it lol :D jimmy :)

  • mustcarryon :D ,,,suspicion has fell on rib :D ,,,,, this being the motive :D

    , As when rib was young his father took him hunting for the first time!! His father said to him "now stay QUIET , ill just be across the


    A few minutes later his father heard a blood curdling scream [a cold scream in fact an ice cream :D ] and immediately ran back to the young Rib.

    "Whats wrong?" his father said "i thought i told you to be quiet "

    Rib answered back "look, i was quiet when the snake slithered across my feet,

    i was quiet when that big bear breathed down my neck"

    "But when two squirrels crawled up my pant legs and said

    ," should we eat them here, or will we take them with us" "

    ,,,,,,,,,"Thats when i panicked :D :D " ,,,

    so this leads me, pad lock [brother of sher :D ] to believe rib has had this aversion to squirrels ever since a young lad , our enquiries will carry on :D

    jimmy , alias pad.holmes brother of sher , in ptr with mustcarryon [ elementary dr m,c,o, ] :D

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