Pavement Parking!

I have been in hospital for over a week now, not because of my chest, but because some woman parked on the pavement outside a hairdressers just as I arrived there on my mobility scooter! I reversed out of her way and toppled over a kerb and down a fifteen foot embankment into a MOT centre! Ended up in the large local hospital, with a dislocated elbow and fractured pelvis. I had an op on the elbow which they warned me I may not come round from because of my severe, stage 4 COPD but I did with only a chest infection! They sent me home last Thursday but my husband couldn't cope so I am in the local cottage hospital, which you cannot fault! Keep smiling.

Carole x

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  • Carole, I am so sorry what a terrible ordeal! You sound incredibly brave about the whole sorry saga, I hope you mend quickly and soon feel much better. Hugs, Xris xx

  • Carole

    I am so shocked to hear about your accident. Some motorists are so inconsiderate. I hope you heal quickly from your injuries and the chest infection clears up soon. As the cottage hospital has good staff enjoy being well looked after. Well done you for keeping smiling. Get well soon.

    Kind Regards


  • OMG - what an awful thing to happen. Did the woman even know what she was responsible for? So glad you did come round after the op and are still with us :) :). Hope you heal well and asap so you can come home. Amazing you are still smiling Carole.

    You take care :) :) :)

  • What an ordeal Carole, at least you can still smile! Heal well and take care Xx

  • Wow, how awful, but when I 1st read it, I pictured u've been framed ( lol sorry ) such nasty injuries for someone's stupidity, hope she came to ur aid and apologised. Enjoy being looked after glad to hear the staff are lovely, take care x Sonia x

    Oh ps Merry Christmas :) xx Sonia x

  • What a terrible shock that must have been for your system Carole. You certainly do seem to have had someone looking out for you. I hope everything knits properly and that you can gradually put this awful episode behind you.

    Hope your scooter was insured.


  • Yes it was, Rib

  • O2 Tree She knew what had happened, but I think she just went in and had her hair done! The hair dresser came out twice while we waited for the ambulance.

  • How awful Carole, I hope the police got involved and she gets done for dangerous driving.

    I do hope you recover very quickly and will be able (if you want) to ride your scooter again.

    Hope her hair fell out.

    polly xx

  • This is not right,I hope someone took a photo of her car on the pavement,you have suffered severe injury so she must be made responsible,I hope you heal quickly,but please don't let this incident be ignored.

  • Oh dear Carole how terrible. Some thoughtless idiot has caused you all this trauma and pain and affected your family too. I hope they get prosecuted but I doubt they will. Get well soon, keep smiling and have a good Christmas if you can. Happy, healthier New Year. xxx

  • Oh wow Carole what a blimming nightmare,you poor thing.Very glad you came through the surgery ok.Im glad the cottage hospital is a goodun.Hope everything knits back together quickly for you.Takecare and getwell soon sending healing blessings to you . :) Janexx

  • My sympathies Carol on such a horrific ordeal. I hope you will sue this person.

  • It must have been terrifying tumbling down a 15 foot embankment Carole. What a horrible experience.

    I'm so glad you came throught the op ok, although, I could tell from your posts, your a tough cookie. Lol.

    That woman's stupidity is unbelievable and she ought to get done for it.

    I really hope your injuries heal quickly Carole and that you are back home as soon as possible.

    Angie xx

  • I am just so very sorry that this has happened to you and before Christmas too...but the most Horrific part of your story is that the woman saw what had happened and just went on into the hairdressers !!!!!! Unbelievable ....

  • I hope you soon are back to your best. xx

  • My goodness!,! How awful. I have been guilty of parking on the pavement and what a telling off I got from the warden...and rightly so....your case is the point he discussed. I have never done it again! Bless you I hope your recovery shall be swift. Audrey

  • Oh Carol what terrible news. I hope you have a speedy recovery and are able to return home soon. Best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year. xxx

  • I trust you are suing the twerp who was parked on the pavement!!

  • Good morning Carole, so good to hear you are still smiling thru the pain. My thoughts are that you should prosecute her in a court of law. She should be made to pay for her selfishness with parking her car on the pavement, thus making you get off the pavement and subsequently falling all that way - you could have easily killed yourself down there. 15 feet is a fair old drop for anyone.

    I do hope Carole that you prosecute this woman and get your rightfull dues. Good look with your recovery and with haveing her hammered in the courts. I look forward to your next post. x

  • Oh dear Caroleoctober - so sorry to hear about your fall, and presumably damage to your scooter - hope ALL can be mended very soon . A lot of people these days park on the pavement - that should be made illegal, ... just one point I didn't quite understand - you said " ....they warned me that I may not come round from because of my severe stage 4 C.O.P.D. . " . Did they mean you would NOT SURVIVE THE ANAESTETIC , ??? - that is very worrying if that is the case ! - I'me having an operation soon - this has got me abit concerned now !!! - could you kindly just clear up this point for me please - Thanks - and merry Christmas ! AND a happy and healthy New Year .

  • The consultant called my husband in and explained that my lungs may not take the aneasthetic but as you can see they did with only an infection as a result. BUT I AM STILL HERE AND NOT A PESSIMIST. Keep Smiling.

    Carole x

  • I hope you improve well and soon.

  • Oh i am so sorry to hear about your accident please get well soon, will be thinking of you. love Biker xx

  • Oh you poor ole thing, get well soon Best Wishes

  • Oh you poor ole thing, get well soon Best Wishes

  • Crumbs Carole, I've only just found this. What a nightmare.

    I see you're home now, wishing you all the best in getting well for your holiday in April.

    Peege xxxx

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