Merry xmas all

Merry xmas all

Wishing you all a very merry xmas and a happy new year.

For some you will be eating a hot dinner in front of a roaring fire, I will be eating a cold dinner outside in 35 degrees with of course a few wines. I hope you get lots of family love and nice pressies.

Take a deep breath, let out a long sigh and tuck in.

Jingle bells bloody hell

Santa's on the way

Oh what fun it is to breathe

On this fine xmas day.

Merry Xmas everyone, from Australia. Xxx

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  • Hi there Ditowler and the others in Australia have a sunny Christmas day wish I could join you for a barbecue in the garden with a nice glass of wine. But Merry Christmas anyway xx

  • I will have one for you katieoxo60. xx Have a lovely day yourself honey.

  • Merry Christmas Ditowler.xx

  • You have a good Christmas too,I have relations in Australia,my Mum visited a few times and used to love Christmas dinner on the beach.I was not allowed to go visit as My Mum said I would not want to come home,Lol I was only a teenager at the time.

  • she was probably right, I love living here. haha

  • How I wish I could be there I have just seen photos on facebook of my only brother at a candle light carol concert with his grandchildren.

    Happy Christmas ditowler

    polly xx

  • yes they are fabulous, I go with my daughter and grand children.

  • Merry Christmas to you too and enjoy your time with family and friends. Take care. xxxx

  • Christmas dinner is it a BBQ on the beach?

  • Not this year Anthony, we have moved back to Tamworth NSW, so it will be a sit down lunch on the deck country style. Prior to moving, we lived in Port Macquarie and yes, each year we had xmas by the water, thinking about it makes me want to go back. Haha

  • It just brought memories of a Vicar friend of the family who emigrated on the £10 passage in 1961 and Christmas that year was at a friends house he religious had Christmas dinner as a BBQ on the beach when he sent his yearly tape of how they enjoyed Christmas we as simple English could not imagine eating outdoors as then we never knew the climate changes in the world until we went to school.

  • Aren't memories wonderful to have xx

  • yes they are ditowler

  • I just love that Christmas tree - we never used to really get the lights sitting right. xx

  • Maybe I should come and do them for you Pergola. Haha. The trick is put your lights on first and circle them around the tree from top to bottom. Have a lovely xmas anyway. xx

  • How do you get your Christmas tree to stick to the wall? Lol Merry Christmas to all in "Oz" and a happy and healthy New Year.

  • Bahahaha. It is actually a wreath which is covering the power point, but I know what you are saying, after taking the photo I saw this and thought to myself it looks like the tree is stuck to the wall. Very observant Nikkers =). Have a lovely xmas x

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