My GP Asked if the weather affects my aches and pains?

Had to go to the GP to get some more Gout tablets as it performing and near the end of them again. He said that maybe I should be on a permanent tablet to prevent the flair ups? but until I am clear it is not a good idea as it can bring it on and keep it if it is still playing up?

This is were it got weird he asked if the last few days have my aches and pains been worse? I confirmed they had for him to say that he had broke his wrist in a stupid accident some time back and he has noticed the last 3 days it has hurt more than usual. But the medical profession have poo pood this as an urban myth. But he is now seeing that there does seem to be some fact in it?

I was wondering should I bill him for the consultation? ;)

Be Well

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  • Definitely bill him!! xx

  • Hi Offcut I also suffer from gout from time to time and each attack is worst than the last one. I googled this and found that an alteration in diet can help, in my case the effect is tremendous and all I have done is cut out peas and pulses from my diet (pulses = beans etc). Pulses contain a chemical known as purine and if you can keep the levels of purine low your gout should be no problem, Oh! and by the way stay clear of any form of pate or even liver.

  • Mushrooms are my Achilles, Well big toe actualy but I do have peas never noticed it to much with that. But I know you have to be so careful on what you eat and it does not look nice on the xrays my toe knuckle is getting bigger after every attack.

  • if you only get it in one joint then in a way you are lucky but unlucky to have gout have you had your URIC acid levels checked recently to much of this stuff in the blood stream also does not help, me I get flare ups in my foot and elbow joints as gout is a form of arthritis just be prepared when another joint is attacked.

  • I do find when my Gout plays up my chest is gooey too?

  • I'd send him a bill for services Doctor once told me he gets palpitations when he drinks strong coffee...and I just raised one eyebrow.

  • hi offcut,, definitely Bill him :D

    i remember an out of hours dr diagnosed my agonizing foot with gout, he hardly even looking at it, even his nurse looked embarrassed,

    my sister immediately took me to r.i.e. within approx an hour of that doctors diagnoses , i was diagnosed by the foot doctor as having septic arthritis, [sepsis] i was in hospital for 5 days, only avoiding an operation, through other emergencies [i even had the pre-med and the map drawing on my foot where the cutting was to begin :) ] but a drip with two types of antibiotics helped me.

    aye it just goes to show,,,, jimmy,,,

    [at that time i was going to do more than bill him :D ]

  • I had a septic foot many years back and they lanced it and covered the doc in pus. But they then put a black permanent marker line around my leg, and told me if the red lines on my leg get to this mark I have to come in immediately. They gave me some pills and 3 days of it not getting worse but not getting better either. I went to my old GP and he got my pills and threw them in the bin. asked me to wait out side. You could hear him on the phone to the hospital going mad at them as they had given me the wrong tablets. The ones he gave me cleared it enough for me to walk again in 3 days.

  • Thank goodness you went back to the GP.

  • I wish I still was at that practice as they treated me so well but we moved out the area so could not :(

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