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End of week 6

Phew! Finished with week 6 with gratitude!

This was the run with 8 minutes in the middle! Mon I did 31.10 min, Wed 31 min and today Thursday 33.10 min with 3.61 miles.

What do you do when you stop in the middle for the loo; do you lose points?

Yes, I forced myself a bit much I thought; yet they say it’s good for you. Well, I’m alive and have done it!

Still taking some AB because there's still a little bit of infection. I know if you stop and it's still there, It flares with millions of bacteria in just a few hours; don't want that. Othrwise, still very happy. Hope you are too. Cheers, Mic

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You're a star Mic ! Well done a d keep up your exercising at the gym.

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my goodness michael, nobody can say you don't try :)

no wonder you say "you finished week 6,, with gratitude!! :) you must have been shattered,

the question about the loo is,, i,ll send you a few of my catheter bags lol :D save losing points :D

i think its an understatement to say "yes, i forced myself a bit much" !!! but as you say mic, your alive and you've done it,, what can i say,, but well done :)

i think you need be careful while taking your antibiotics though mic, as you must still have the remnants of an infection,

but you seem happy at your marvelous performance, so best of luck to you,,

my health" lifestyle group" was cancelled today,, as the o.t,s and physio,s are having some big meeting, i have two to do now, that will be my ten week course finished.

all the very best michael, keep up the good work,,, jimmy :)


Well done Mic, you deserve a medal for sheer determination! Hope those antibiotics finally clear up your infection. Take care of yourself.

Regards Sara


Sara, thanks for the medals!

I saw the last three weeks. they will be challenging with 35 minutes and 28 minutes running flat out. I think I may have some slowing down during those.

I'll put some mince pies a long the way, in stages, a bit like Tom thumb! (Hoping birds wont eat them all! We've got some ravenous herring gulls here!) cheers, Mic


Jimmy, My wife suggested some incontinence pads, hahaha! Sometimes, when out, I do have to run rather fast to some little room. either toward home or toward the pub's loo!

You're doing well with your lifestyle thingy too. a good challenge tht you've taken. Be good, take care!


:D your better without the incontinence pads michael :D,,, well i dont know if you would be BETTER without them!! :D but one thing for sure is,, you'll be FITTER without them :D take care mic,, jimmy :)

have my 9th [second last ] health lifestyle group thursday,, hope this weather is a little kinder to us by then,, jimmy :)

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