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I'm new to this wonderful friendly community from Bangalore , India . Needless to say that I too suffer from the COPD for the last about ten years or so. I'm male and 65 years of age.In this country also the treatments for COPD are more or less similar as in the UK . I have feeling of dizziness for the last about year or so and different doctors have advised different treatments. But none of the treatments have yielded any effective result. I would love if any of the friendly person in this community also get dizziness and how they are managing it . Looking forward .

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Hi and welcome to the site. The only time I get a little dizzy is when my oxygen saturation levels are very low, as soon as I put my oxygen on I am o.k.

Hope someone comes up with a better answer

Take care

polly xx

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Hi and welcome. Pete has been dizzy in the past but is doing alright with that at the moment. It could be lots of things but I do hope it is sorted out for you soon. Do keep posting and take care. xxxx


Thanks for very positive replies > Does not look anything serious. But if I come across anything good , I shall share it with you all !!


Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. It is possibly because your oxygen levels are low. Have you got an oximeteter as you can check them wth this? You can buy a good one for around £20 on Amazon. x


Welcome to the forum, I agree with the others it's usually a sign your oxygen levels are to low.

Glad you found us

Kim xxx


Hi GBS and welcome to the site. If it has anything to do with your COPD, then I can't help there but, My brother suddenly started suffering with severe dizzyness.

He came to my house and collapsed in a heap on my rug. I thought he's had a heart attack!!! I rang an ambulance and he was diagnosed as having Vertigo. He wasn't given any medication for it and it gradually went away.

Also, my son had suffered with dizzyness since his teens and he's 33 now. Twice he was given a few weeks beta blockers for panic attacks, as that's what the docter said it was.

Last year I made him go to the docters as he was spending more time lying down than being upright.

It was a new docter and she tested him by getting him to turn his head a certain way, which made him dizzy.

She then said she thought he had something that meant something had moved in his ear and that when he turned his head a certain way, it was triggering the dizzyness. She said she may be able might be able to move It back where it should be by performing a monouvre with a long name.

He had to have a longer appointment and someone with him when she performed it. I went with him and she made him lay with his head hanging over the bed and manipulated his neck, very gently. I thought he was going to pass out but, It worked !!!

Maybe you could ask your GP about one of these problems.

Let us know how you get on. x


Hi ! Thanks for the prompt response. I will certainly keep informed of my dizziness problem .


Hello I'm new to this site too, so welcome to you, I agree with cough a lot regarding the oximetry idea. Sometimes I notice dizziness before I see the doc for the dreaded 6month checkup, could be due to bi of anxiety perhaps? Take very good care,



Hello GBS.,Welcome to our great site.I have recently noticed I get dizzy spells when I have an infection but it only lasts while the infection does.Long term may well be related to the middle ear where our balance is controlled.Hope you get an answer soon ,Good luck!D.


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