Second infection this month!

I was hoping I,d be off the steroids this year,got down to one day to go on 4mg so would have made it.Went to GP been feeling really rough,and have another infection.I could scream,well I could,nt because I,m too breathless butI,m furious.Back to square one.Oh well at least I know it,s easier to come off them now.Happy breathing chums!!! D.

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  • Oh farmerD I'm so sorry to hear that after how good u felt the other day, but like u said once it's sorted u know u can reduce down again. Sending u (( hugs )) whilst ur feeling rough and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take care x Sonia x

  • Thanks Sonia,appreciate your hugs.D.

  • what a bummer farmer - you keep well wrapped up and look after yourself xxxx

  • Thankyou Eyes,got my woolie on!Regards D.

  • So sorry to hear you have yet another infection Farmer. That really sucks.

  • Thanks Rib,regards D.

  • I know how your feeling farmer. It seems like a dream when I had one infection after another but I was put on azithromycin. Good whilst it lasts xx

  • Hi Pergola,my consultant does seem to be keen on azi.Hoping to avoid it as long as possible.Cheers D.

  • Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the world. Well on its way to you is a get well quick but cozy comforting hug.

    Love Dozy :) xxx

  • Thankyou Dozy,regards D.

  • Sorry to hear you about you getting another infection but knowing you farmer you will get through it so good luck

  • Cheers Jimmy,hope so.D.

  • Aww, I'm sorry to hear you've got another infection Farmer. I hope you've caught quick enough to nip it the bud. x

  • Take the pills FarmerD and ride it out, then come back fighting fit and maybe next time you'll ditch the steroids. I'm on permanent prednisolne, its just the dose that varies. I got down as low as 6mg once but it didn't last. My lungs inflamed and it was back to 30mg. I'm currently on 11mg so I'm happy with that for now until the next flare up comes. At least I manage to keep myself out of hospital these days with a combination of pills and exercise.

    Look after yourself FarmerD.

  • Hi Tony,been on pred.all of this year ,hope to b e off it for appointment with Dr "coils" Shah in February.So annoying on penultimate day of 4mg week and now back to 30mg.Do you come down 5mg a week,then 1mg for the last 10?I,ve found now the Aminophyline is working it,s a bit easier.Take care D.

  • So sorry to hear that, Farmer D. I know you 're hoping to get in top form ready for Royal Brompton. Hope you get over this infection quickly and back on track.

  • Thanks very much Nan,regards D.

  • Sorry to hear you have another infection - at least you know you can feel better! Take care, look after yourself and wishing you a very speedy recovery xxx

  • Thankyou Tad,hope you and hubby are coping well with the winter,regards D.

  • Get well soon FarmerD and take care during the winter months especially. xxxx

  • Thanks Sassy,hope you too have a healthy winter.D.

  • I feel your pain, doesn't it get on your nerves. Keep warm, hope you feel better soon.

    Kim xxxx

  • Thankyou Kimmy,I,m staying positive,many are worse off than me.Regards D.

  • Have you tried manuka 25 and garlic daily they are very good for clearing infections also antibiotics all instead of steroids? I am aware that steroids are good for lung infection but I personally try and avoid them whenever possible too many side effects! Also of course drinking plenty of water and if you manage. A little excercise so much the better

    Try and keep positive x

  • Hi Blue,Manuka is a bit beyond my budget although I do like the cheaper one(15) on my toast.WhenI moan about having to up the steroids again the doctor( various) always says " we need to keep you alive for your appointment". This is the appointment with Dr " coils" Shah for valves or maybe coils.I,m finding it a lot easier to come down off the steroids now the aminophiline is working,I just like to moan sometimes lol.Regards D. Ps. I eat a lot of garlic,love it.

  • Get well soon FarmerD, we are all with you and hope this infection gets zapped soon. Best wishes and keep on eating the garlic. X

  • Thanks Ro,I,ll get there eventually.Regards D. :D

  • Sorry to hear you have another chest infection Farmer D it's the time of year we all dread. When I went for my yearly test the nurse wanted me to go on daily steroids but I refused because of putting weight on and having lower back problems and the knock on effect they have.

    Hope your feeling well soon farmer D that big chap in a red suit will be hear soon

  • Hi Farmer D sorry to hear you've had a set far away............keep fighting you'll get there.


  • Thanks Peg I,ll get there,I will ,I will,lol. Regards D.

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