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Is it normal with emphasemia to get headaches and really bad heartburn, im a newby to this, diagnosed few weeks ago,sent home with the word,no info,advice or constructive pointers,feel deserted,but tha ks to google and common sense i am going for the "sort myself out" route,and reading all you guys have to say is giveing me pointers, i thought the coil opp looked amazing, but apparently no according to most of you

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Hi Poshcook and welcome to the Community. First advise, avoid Google. It will give you a different reason to panic every day.

Headaches can be caused by a multitude of things and even a neuro - surgeon would answer without a scan and other tests.

Yes acid reflux, heartburn are well known side effects of COPD.

As for looking after yourself it is eat right, exercise, don't smoke or visit smoky or fume filled areas ( bonfires coal fires etc). Stay away from people with colds and viruses like flu. Get a flu jab.

Regards Rib


I like the google comment ha! everything else sounds reasonable too..


Is it possible you are feeling stressed since you got your diagnosis? I was quite alarmed when I found out I had emphysema. Recently, I have been getting headaches which I didn't get before. I get heartburn too. My nurse said it was most likely stress. Once I understood that, I became more careful what I ate and tried not to eat too fast. If these things continue to bother you, it may be worth discussing it with your COPD nurse.


Good Morning and welcome to the site! My husband has severe COPD and has had it for years. He goes through stages of headaches - it can go on for weeks and then as quickly as they started they can stop. It could easily be the stress and staring at the screen searching for info! As for the heartburn - could it be medication related? Some of the inhalers etc. can cause side effects although COPD is linked to heartburn. I read that turmeric was a fantastic supplement but within a week my husband had horrendous heartburn! So those went in the bin!

I would suggest you call the BLF helpline - they have some very good leaflets which are really informative and written in plain english!

Even though my husband has this horrid illness I must tell you we still have a great quality of life - just a bit slower than others. He still works full time and we get out and about. My absolute top tip would be to keep fit - it seems to me that you have fight against this disease and you need to be fit! Definitely have a flu jab and pneumonia (which is just a one off jab now). Keep Vicks First Defence at hand and use as soon as you think you may have a cold - to prevent cold and possible infection. Finally, keep asking the doctors - if your inhalers etc. arent working go back, there are lots of different meds.

Take good care, lots of love TAD xxx


Good Morning Poshcook,

Welcome to the BLF web community.

If you have any questions about your diagnosis, management or medications, please give us a call on the Helpline 03000 030 555, and we can arrange for one of our respiratory nurses to have a chat with you.

By the way, RibvanRey's Google tip was spot on!



BLF Helpline


Lung issues can and do give headaches. Quite common when waking in the morning. Also the heart burn may be caused by the coughing which in turn can affect the hiatus and cause reflux?

Google can be your friend or your worst nightmare. If you are looking for info try to keep to the medical ones. But always remember we are all very different in our mental and physical strengths.

This is a great forum of like minded people all with some sort of lung problems but we have all gone though some of the issues you will over time. Do not let it rule you! PMA.

Be Well


Hello and welcome to this sight. I have emphysema and suffer with heart burn. I am prescribed omeprazole, one tablet in the morning and completely cures the problem. Try to get an appointment with your g.p. and I m sure they will be able to suggest things to help any of your symptoms. It seems many of us have to nag to get help and info. So be strong and keep nagging. Hope you re soon able to get further help, barnowl


Where is the headache ? If it's in the forehead region it could be due to retaining too much carbon dioxide. This is not necessary so but it is one of the reasons.


I have been living with copd for 12 years and was prescribed 1 capsule a day of Lansoprazole 15mg for the horrible heart burn I was experiencing, which always seemed to cause a chest infection. I saw another gp at my doctors surgery the other day and explained to him my thoughts about an infection that always followed a night of coughing with the heart burn and he straight away said it was the acid going into my lungs. Anyway he upped the dose to 1 capsule morning and 1 at night. So far magic had no more heart burn. Perhaps you could ask your gp for some of these capsules.

Best of luck - Judydorney


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