Advice Required

Sorry me again. Headache all gone (eventually).

So, this morning decided to cut toenails after shower. Well that was a non starter as trying to reach my feet proved impossible no matter what I tried.

Guess lung problems and Buddha belly might have something to do with it.

Any ideas anyone?

Oh, got my reply from dwp about pip application. Granted, higher level for both. I am pleased but sad as well because I am now officially disabled. Now onwards and upwards, take care

Dozy :) xxx

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  • Hey Dozy, great that the headache went, and great that your application went through already. Regarding the toenails: get hubby to do it? Hugs and loving thoughts to youxx

  • He's good at most things but not that. Took an hour to stop the bleeding last time! :)

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Ouch! Hmm don't know, but could you try and use a brick wall as a nailfile? As in lying on your back, gently rub your toenails on the brick wall until they wear down a bit? Or better yet, tape some sanding paper or a few nail files to a wall and use that?xxx

  • Are you going to be there taking the pics to post on here?

    Still love you xxx

  • Hahahaha, you should be on Dragon's Den jenss, Lol. That's cheered me up no end. xx

  • :) Dozy. Either get a long pair of garden shears or see a chiropodist! :d x

  • Think I'll leave those for the scarecrow. Hey what are you insinuating? :o

    Dozy :) xxx

  • :) Dozy. I see a chirpodist every 3 months or so (would love to go more often but can't afford it) to deal with my corns. They will also just cut your toenails for you if that's what you need. Get 'em done woman :d :) x

  • What do I do? Cut off my toes and post them to you. You get them cut when you go and send them back.

    Can you take delivery on Monday?

    Thanks love you xxx :) xxx

  • No worries Dozy! Will you pay the postage both ways? :d x

  • Only if I like the finish xxx

  • Only if I like the finish xxx

  • Will paint your toenails as well :) What colour do you want? xx

  • There is only 1 colour- tarty red. :)


  • Red it is then. All sparkling and glittery for Christmas :d x

  • Hi Dozy

    My toe nails are cut by the NHS at our local clinic. I have a podiatry appointment every couple of months. Ask your GP if they can refer you to a podiatrist (new posh name for chiropodist). My friend has a podiatrist that visits her in her own home but she has to pay for that. It is a bitter sweet feeling receiving high level PIP I remember how it felt. Being classified as disabled has some advantages. When we went to Chester Zoo last week my husband got in for free as he's my carer. As you say, onwards and upwards.



  • Hadn't thought of asking the doctor. Now I am officially disabled I might as well use it. Hubby says there is a lot more we may be entitled to.

    Does that make me a scrounger?

    Love Dozy x x x

  • Dozy

    It definitely does not make you a scrounger. I bet you and/or your husband have paid National Insurance contributions and Income Tax over a number of years. You are just claiming what is rightfully yours. Go for it Girl!!



  • Oh I don't know - we both have only racked up 40 years of contributions each. Hope this is enough. :)

    Dozy xxx

  • I told my respitarory nurse I couldn't cut my toenails so she made me an appointment at podiatary but when the appointment came through it said in big italics 'this is not a nail cutting service' so I treat myself to a pedicure every so often, it is cheaper than a chiropodist Keep smiling,

    Carole x

  • Oh Carole (a song title here methinks! ) the smile is cemented on. It appears that getting someone to do it is the way to go.

    Thank you and take care

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Don't be sad dozy, at least you won't have to worry about money now. As for cutting the toenails, I've no advice but my cousin who is a healthy 55 year old can't reach hers either. She says she isn't bendy enough, I wouldn't dare suggest it's her budha belly cos she'd kill me.Lol. x

  • I am not bendy enough. Better stick that file on the wall and see if it works.

    Dozy xxx

  • I agree see the GP for a referal to the podiatry, I have mine done every 3 mths. Feels so good when it's done. As for pip higher payments I receive it and only felt relief on getting it. It made managing appointment and doing the shopping a lot easier as I gother a car with the mobility side. Also it's easier for paying the heating costs so that better. So enjoy it how long have you got it for .

    Sending hugs, what has been suggested will not happeN over night so ask a friend to help you out. XXXX

  • Thankyou so much for advice. Sounds like a podiatrist is the way to go but while waiting may have to go private.

    They are reviewing my pip in 10 years time. Is that normal and do you have to pay tax on it? Meant to phone the tax office but forgot.

    Thanks so much

    Dozy xxx

  • You don't generally pay tax on PIP Dozy but there are exceptions. Check it out on x

  • Thanks for that. The last thing I want to do is upset the tax man.


  • Have em cut out and forget about them nails I mean best thing I ever did no more pain ever xxx

  • Ouch not sure I could do that. I never wear closed in shoes so need my nails. Where else could I put the varnish? But it would solve the problem.

    Love Dozy x x x

  • I like that name Budha belly, I can reach my toe nails if I put my feet on the coffee table, what gets me is trying to find trousers to fit my Budha belly and skinny legs, I always buy elasticated waist trousers but the legs are much too wide, Chris x

  • You'll find me easily. The only 60 year old wearing leggings and long tunics and jumpers. My daughter tells me if I have gone to far down the mutton dressed as lamb road. :)

    Dozy xxx

  • I'm 69, tried the leggins look, the only thing it did for me was to make me laugh at my reflection in the mirror, Chris x

  • Yes Minnie Mouse comes to mind when I have shoes on! Do I care? Guess x

  • Age Concern do a nail cutting service in your own home for about £10.00

  • On to them first thing Monday morning.

    Thank you so much

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Coopers of Stortford do a fab pair of scissors with angled blades and long handles. They are not expensive and solve the problem easily. Val XXXX

  • Scissors and I have to be wary of each other. Had a look and may just give them a try.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Dozy :) xxx

  • I found if I lift my foot onto the edge of the bath I do not have to bend so much but balancing is a bit funny. You can move the knee away from belly releasing some of the pressure. Good luck.

  • Mind boggling picture in my head. Nearly cut little toe off and did cut oxygen pipe in half. Hubby not amused.

    I thought it was funny

    Dozy :) xxx

  • Hi Dozy,out National Health Service is NOT free we all pay for it through national insurance and taxes and forty years contributions is a lot more than most of the youngsters that occupy A&E at weekends have paid.I have two enlarged hernias so reaching my tootsies is impossible,I see a podiatrist every eight weeks for a service Ask your GP for a referral.Well done getting your PIP.When I got my wheelchair from the council I admitted to myself I was disabled,It,s hard to accept but accept we must and just have to make the best of it.Good luck! D.

  • Thankyou I know you are right but it is still relatively new to me. Normality was only 2 years ago. Whatever normality is. My life and outlook are miles from what they were.

    I strive to be upbeat and positive and succeed most days.

    Take care

    Dozy :) xxx

  • If you like to read give "What the xxxx is normal" by Francesca Martinez a try.She was in Grangehill I think.It,s an amusing look at her disability and very well written.D.

  • Hi DD, It was 4 years ago when I became officially disabled, I was awarded high level DLA, put in the support group and they threw in a blue badge and bus pass at the same time. Wow only six months before I was fit and healthy, Its not a great feeling when you see it in writing that you are now labeled as disabled and I didn't now whether to celebrate or cry, so I did both.

    We have to be positive about it don't we and make the most of the extra cash, the free bus travel, the ability to be able to park your car almost anywhere, concessionary ticket prices etc etc, suddenly things begin to look a little better don't they eh' :) but we do have to pay a heavy price for our benefits that we never wanted. Oh well work is a thing of the past and we make the most of it all so as you rightly say onwards and upwards we go. :)

    Oh yes cutting your toe nails, super hero style, I chain saw mine off while my feet are in a vice. Ha Ha. Easy see. :)

    Tony xxxxx

  • Well done my man of steel. They really do build them tough up North! In my defence, I am 20 years older than you and I broke the chainsaw last time.

    Off to hospital today. First time in disabled bay and free parking, maybe. Has to be a free space.

    Take care hero

    love Dozy x

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