Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooters

This is my mobility scooter I got it on lease for three years using my mobility allowance, one good thing about these is their versatility and two speed settings. On the road I dare ton up at 8 mph but on the pavement I have to hit the snail button this restricts my speed from 2 to 4 mph. Also on the pavement I have to stop and give way to pedestrians don't mind the oldies so much they are ever so polite and always thank you nope the one pedestrian I hate is those that are permanently attached to their cell phones either texting or watching their screens as if locked in a video conference, (these class of people I have a lovely surprise for them in the form of a compressed air horn I gingerly creep up on them and just when I am behind them I give them a blast one guy was not bet pleased as the shock of the noise made him drop his brand new cell phone he had just got out of the shop that day). I ride up cycle, bus and taxi lanes when we are not allowed to do so, on the coastal route I get away with this as one half of the path is for pedestrians but I still go flat out. This machine has given me so much freedom and just getting out on it at least 3 times a week well wrapped up at this time of year. The plus plus point I love about my scooter is the steering wheel although square it gives me much more maneuverability and also the suspension on the scooter itself (front and rear) and also contained in the captains style seat, one of the down points is the flimsy plastic mudguards and another is the design it is evident it was intended as a three wheeler (there is a three wheel model) the size of the wheels put me of getting the three wheel model as most 3 wheelers are prone to tip say when getting of the kerb. Yet I already have in mind what my next one will be in 2017. And that is a three wheeler but with much larger wheels and built on a motorcycle theme work of things.

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  • Good one Ant. Good photo of you too if you pardon my saying so. Lovely to see you out and about.

    By the way, mind that person with the mobile phone stood in front of you taking pictures lol


  • nope that was me posing for the camera not a snap chatter

  • Love the air horn. I fitted an electric horn from a Suzuki Hyabussa motorcycle but an air horn is terrific.

  • love the idea but my scooter is on contract where you are not allowed to make modifications to it

  • Why would you want to modify it? You said that it has a compressed air horn. I complemented you on it and say how much better it is than my Suzuki horn.

    I fail to understand Ant. Sorry.

  • the compressed air comes in canisters costing about £2 a time I was just looking for something more permanent and I rang motability they gave me the OK to add something like your horn but it has to stay on the scooter when the contract is up.

  • hi ant,, what a cracker,:) it look a real beauty, im really pleased for you, a great photo also, this will give you much more freedom, ,, just remember the speed limit lol,,

    as i said to you before im getting a second hand one, as driving is becoming difficult, the one i am getting is a "monarch" two wheeler, im waiting on a mechanic fitting some part, hes waiting on it being delivered, it should be ready quite soon, it does the 8 mph, its quite fast that as had a "go" on it, think i,ll stick to the 4mph,,, or i,ll wreck the place :( mine is not in the same league as yours ant, but will take me to asdas and back, its supposed to do 25 mile when fully charged,,i,ll stick to the 2 or 4 mph..

    but must admit your one is really a cracker, best of luck to you ant,,,,,happy scootering :( ,, jimmy

  • mine can do 35 miles fully charged so we say 15 there and back with 5 for emergency's we have a lovely coast with cycle routes and some marvelous wild life spent most of this year in planning my journeys I intend making come the spring and summer

  • sounds fantastic ant,,, even better when the spring/summer comes,,,it'll be like a new life to you,, well done,, jimmy

  • now I am green with envy - coastal runs in spring and summer ...........bliss :) :) :)

  • They are brilliant Ant. They give people their independence back. I know loads of people with them and some of them even 'pimp them up' lol.

    Your going to be a terror on yours by the sound of it haha. x

  • Hello Ant, I have one similar to yours, may I recomend this:

    I wouldn't go out without it in the winter. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • thanks for the link Carole there was a couple of things I needed on there


  • I have looked at them as a stop gap when the wife is at her part time work. I was amazed on some of the miles that they can do on the better ones.

  • The Milanese is worked out on the flat road, driver 8 stone or less and doing 4 mph or less. It's also done on a nice calm mild day. My scooter has a range of 25 miles but in reality, 12/ 15 is more like it.

  • so maybe 6 with my weight ? ;)

  • Good to have your photo look to be in a lovely spot with the water and trees in the background.

    I have a small(ish) scooter bought last year and it's an absolute godsend.

    Enjoy your trips out :)

  • that was in one of our many parks bought and created by the Victorian rich of Southport

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