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Advice please

Good morning people.just recovering from a virus and now have chest infection.seems to last l keep my house very warm...very expensive l am thinking of buying a humidifier,please help me to understand the buff.l am looking at a 707 don't know if I'm allowed to name company...first name is the opposite of hell

So here we go another winter...sorry l have not been around.had issues,within family l am trying to deal with.will share later but for now too raw,l may forget what my daughter said ...will never forget how she made me feel

Gosh, and anyway, advice on humidifier would be appreciated.

Take care,thinking of you all


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Well Nellie first of you do right in heating your home to help you stay well (do not worry about costs there is guide lines now in place for late payment) as regards a humidifier I would be against it the ignorant among use say the heat you are keeping your home is helping the germs multiply WRONG germs and bacteria need one more element to breed and that is moisture, so before you go ahead have a word with your practice nurse or doctor


Thank you for reply ant64.unfortunatly l have ordered a humidifier.l have an appointment with physio Thursday 13th.l will ask her advise as you suggested.its the old story,try anything to help.however l have taken your advice and will not use until l get her approval.basically l wanted to use in bedroom to see if l could get a undisturbed nights sleep.

Thank you for your advice,l wii,if you wish let you know what advice l get on


I was just passing on my thoughts plus what the hospital doctor told me the trouble is you go with one school of thought and then they change horses in mid stream.


I honestly don't know about a humidifier....but I do know about cold and damp houses! I rent an 18th century farmhouse, with sash windows that don't stop rattling, etc., high ceilings, etc., I do try to keep my room warm....but I have decided that since I am going to be 77 in January I really should stop worrying about the heating bills....what will they do if I don't pay on time - put me in jail??? It's warm there ! ha ha ha you take care...will be watching your posts to see how you get on with the humidifier. :)


Thank you,will let both of you know what physio recommends.personaly hope it works and l am not kidding myself.


I wouldn't have a humidifier if you gave me one & paid me to use it. The main reason being that with our condition we tend to not open windows nor go out during winter, hence the air in our homes tends to not get replaced. This means that particularly in the winter we're living on stale air .... & if there are germs in the home all a humidifier will do is re-distribute the germs.

I had a Positive Pressure Ventilation fan installed. These things very gently replace the air in the home, several times a day ...... it's so gentle & quiet you don't even notice it working & costs less than a 60watt bulb to run. No water to empty every day, no horrendous background noise rattling away

Now my home has the sweetest freshest air you wish for ..... no smells, no condensation, just the nicest air I've ever had. I think it cost about £300.


Oh dear...l am expecting delivery tomorrow now l will be scared to turn on.thought it would help to clean/clear air.was going to place in bedroom to see if l would manage to get a decent sleep.unfortunatly was ordered before replies.just back from hospital appointment and l forgot to mention it to physio.

WHAT TO DO...l really thought it would improve the air quality.have had air purifiers for a few years,hope they are safe

Thank you to all that replied.maybe l should telephone the makers and quote your concerns.going to make a coffee.



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