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Hi, after my successful Visit 3 for my drug trial, I came home and realised I had caught my daughter, husband, granddaughters, cold! Of course it went straight to my chest so I started my reserve antibiotics. Next day I rang Papworth and they said come in next day so they could see what is going on. I went yesterday in that glorious sunshine, I had a temperature of 38 degrees (should be 36.4) so I had numerous bloods taken. The Doctor rang me in the evening to say that the blood tests showed far more infection than they thought. I am to keep monitoring my temperature and if it doesn't go down I am to go to Papworth (90 mile round trip) for more blood tests. They will ring me Monday to decide what further treatment I require, probably iv's! Thankfully today my temperature is down but I still feel a bit limp so I'll keep on taking the tablets and hopefully I'll be O.K. I suppose the good news is that it won't affect the drug trial, I can still carry on with it. Take care everyone and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Lizzy xx

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  • Here's wishing you all the very best skinnylizzy!! :) Keep taking the tablets.....let us know how you get on at Papworth. :)

  • Hi Louisiana, thanks for your good wishes, I'll keep you posted. Love Lizzy x

  • You did wonder the other day didnt you Lizzy what a blimming nuisance for you .But sounds like your on top of it hopefully.Glad it doesnt interfere with the trial.Hopefully you wont have to have another trip to Papworth just yet ,its quite a journey for you there and back. Take all necessary jollop ,drink like a fish and rest lol . :) Janexx

  • Thanks Jane, I went out with a friend this afternoon, I was alright but I couldn't walk very fast and I feel very tired now. Thank you for your encouragement. Love Lizzy x

  • nice to hear you managed out for a walk lizzie,it sounds like your over the worst of it i hope you continue to improve, :)

    i can imagine how tired you will feel, but with just a little exercise, plenty of rest,plenty fluids, the body will recover quicker, i wish you well now,, take care,,,jimmy xxx

  • Hi Jimmy, thanks for your good wishes. I do feel a little better now but still tired and, thank goodness, my temperature has stayed down. Take care of yourself, lizzy xx

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