the old boys back

good evening every one . after spending last night on couch and feeling really down this morning, to day has been really good . went to southend met with some of the kids had a brew and chin wag . then some shopping then off to van looeys one of southends best fish and chip returants. spent afternoon in town its funny how many people talk to ya when your on oxygen sitting on mobility scooter . .im a bit of a natter box any way .got home about 5ish had some dinner and watched a bit of telly. hope weather is as nice tomorrow .love to all

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Love to you so glad to hear you had a good day xxx

There is nothing like a good day out, tobydoo, to buck up the morale. I speak with big feelings!!!!! SMILEY x

Glad ur day improved after the night u had tobydoo, let's hope the fish & chips, the fresh air and all that nattering will help u get a good nites sleep tonite, fingers crossed for u. Take care x Sonia x

Ahh life's good sometimes isn't it tobydoo? :O x

Good news tobydoo, well done for getting out and turning everything around.

and fish and chips too - wonderful :)

Glad u had a good day it does happen so times,get out and about,good on you.

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