Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone out there does not know, I thought I would warn you all that there are phishing emails being sent in particular to BT customers. I think Talk Talk may be targeted as well.

I can only warn you of my own experience. Around 10 days ago I received an email from whom I thought was BT and the subject heading was 'problem with last payment'. It looked completely authentic, had the BT lettering and logo, so I opened it. It then explained there was a problem with my last payment and to click on a link to check my details. I thought nothing of it, although puzzled as there should have been no problem with my payment. As soon as I clicked on the link, my screen went berserk. It was flashing red and pink, with my security emblem also flashing and large letters saying WARNING , PHISIHING. I quickly got back to my inbox, checked with the bank to find out there had been no problem with my payment. I then scanned my laptop which told me two threats had been removed. I deleted the email, and reported it to BT. They sent me information on what to do if I received another one, and warning signs etc.

A few days ago I received a second email claiming to be from BT. This time the subject was maintenance and loss of my account details. Although I knew it to be false I opened it to see what it said, which basically wanted me to provide them with my details as they had been lost. I did not click on the link, but forwarded the email to the address that BT provided me with. I also double checked that there was no problem with my account.

Just wanted to warn you all, as these emails claiming to be from BT look like the real thing, and if you receive an email claiming to be from BT or some other internet provider it should address you by name. The ones I received did not, and said, dear member. BT advised me to not ever click on links which are asking about account details or payment.

It seems that BT are being targeted very heavily at the moment, but at least I know my security works.

hugs from Huggs xxxx

ps I have just received an email from BT acknowledging the phishing emails, and they advise if anyone receives any suspect emails which claim to be from BT to forward them to: abuse@bt.com

They also confirmed again the two false ones I received were sent from a compromised email account, and they have been in touch with them advising them to secure the account. I have no clue what this means. If they know where they are coming from why don't they close them down, report them or do something. BT also advise they will NEVER ask for passwords, bank account details or BT account details in an email and also advise to ensure that if Microsoft is used to make sure that you install all updates. They also provide a link for a tool which Microsoft has developed.

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  • Thanks for the timely reminder. One to watch out for. x

  • Thanks for the warning. I never click on links in emails, always go to the site itself to check things out. Good job your security was working well. x

  • thanks for the warning hugs I have a vault on my security were I can open read and eliminate any email I think it is odd just had a look at my other email and I see one from BT is waiting to be read and I know one is not due until next week so I will vault that one.

  • ants, do you mean by vault a storage folder or a quarantine folder?

  • Hi Mic I have kaspersky virus wear on my desk and lap top not sure if it is a file or a folder it somewhere I can move suspicious emails/malware or programes so I can check them out before I unleash the wrath of them onto my computer. Sorry for the delay just had two days in bed and it seems another half day is loomimg.

  • With kaspersky, you just unleash it. It will show automatically which is infected. It probably will ask you whether you want to delete or put in quarantine, when it's finished scaning. I delete the infected file.

    Bet better soon Ant. I surround you with my prayers and friendship.

  • Thanks for the heads up hun. cx

  • yup it was one of them I use Outlook for all my business male and I have created several folders but this time BT came out of its folder and I just sent it back to BT. Securing a compromised account means you have to change your password and security questions also I Kaspersky as my virus defender which lets my cell phone of any suspicious activity (that up to now was Malware and nothing else) it is also important to do security sweeps of your computer mine runs in the night at 3.30 as I never leave my switched of.

  • Thank you for the information hugs. :) x

  • Hi Huggs thanks for the warning , I get lots of emails like this from varied companies, like Barclay, Halifax, Lloyd,Talk-talk, tax office Santander and fuel companies. I never open ones about personal finances as they are never genuine always contact the company direct. Most companies do not use email to confirm financial details. Another threat is these messages saying you have won a prize then when you try to claim it you end up being billed monthly for services or goods you never wanted at extortionate prices. We have to stay on our toes every time we use our computers these days, even virus filters do not stop the intrusion on our private computers which I think should be stopped but it's only like junk mail in the post I guess.

  • Txs for that Huggs,how b..... annoying! One does have to be careful these days.

    I received an pm to my box,from a new member,asking somewhat personal questions,I replied saying to never contact me again,& also reported it to the BLF.glad to say there name has dissapeared!!

    Take care xxx

  • There are loads of phishing attempts - some use such bad English they make me laugh! I just forward them to the relevant company then delete. :D

  • Only one rule to remember with these types of emails.....if it diesn't address you by name..e.g. Dear Mrs Smith delete it.

  • Wow huggs, thanks for the info. I get a lot as well. That must have been scary when your screen went berserk but good to know it was just your security in action :)

  • I have them as well. They are very well designed.

    NOW were they have NOT got it right is in the link! Were it says go to BT.COM log in etc. if you hover your mouse pointer over it it shows the real address it is going to. All BT links will start with http://www bt.com or bt.com

    The last one I had, went to a hijacked site.

    Good luck

  • I have had the same sort of thing supposedly from PayPal saying there had been recent activity of a suspicious type on my account and that I should use the link they had 'kindly' provided to log in to my account to check the details - needless to say I did not. I, as I always do with such emails, opened a new tab checked my account through an outside link (all was well) and reported the email as phishing scam - never, ever click on any link to do with finance if it comes through an unsolicited email - thank you for the warning re this one xx

  • Me to only yesterday had an email from so say paypal. I did click on my account and it went to Talk Talk. Deleted it all then but din,t realise I should report. Thanks for warning will report it now barnowl.

  • Thanks everyone for your responses. I am sorry I cannot reply individually to you all at the moment. I am in dire straights as my lappy has broken down and cannot be fixed until Tuesday at the earliest. So if anyone doesn't hear from me that is the reason. At the moment I am in the public library trying to catch up, and wanted to tell you all the reason why I have suddenly disappeared and not replying to anything.

    I will not be back online until Tuesday at earliest.

    hugs from Huggs xxx

  • I had once phone call from someone telling me she was a Microsoft technician. would I download this programme so they could look at my computer. Then they moved my mouse remotely and went into a programme tht showed I had plenty of unnoticed virus. The woman told me to pay £345 to repair this. At that point, I told her to get lost!

    I had a chap who phoned me to say he was from the council, I told him I was the king of England!

    Another call came, to ask for my name. I said he was a crook that's why he wanted my name!

    BT, Paypal and other banks have their websites copied on which they put: give us your password and bank account and we'll do the rest! Don't! Phone the institution first.

    Huggs, A few years ago I was taken for a ride in teh same way, but for my Paypal account. click to upgrade your account which is corrupted and write your details. This was the first phishing I ever had. Now I'm ever more cautious with these.

    Wht these people do is to use soomebody elses email - they don't compromise their own! That's why BT will not close these account, because they are innocent victims which don't even know their email is being used. Nasty.

    Hope you are alright, Hug, Mic

  • Thanks for the warning, lots of others too, very vigilant.

  • Thanks Huggs - now I finally know what "phishing " means. :x hope you are OK :)

  • Thanks everyone for replying with advice and your various experiences. I was off line for a week with a crashed lappy, so am just catching up with things. When I checked my spam emails there were another 2 claiming to be from BT again. This time they were aggressive in the subject title so I just forwarded them to BT. I have also been targeted twice in relation to paypal.

    I think its disgusting what those people do. We are all sitting quietly in our homes with various illnesses or conditions, and just doing innocent communications with others and whatever else we want to, and these malevolent morons are trying to rob us, steal our identity and goodness knows what else.

    Thanks again for all the good advice, warnings and replies.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs.

    ps Hi Michael, I get these phone calls from people claiming to be from Microsoft all the time. Depending on my mood and state of health my response varies from telling them I don't have a computer in which case they bang their phone down, or I call them crooks or conmen but the most satisfying response I give them is blowing a whistle as loud as I can next to the mouthpiece and then hang up. ha ha

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