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I have suffered anxiety for many years being given various medications and currently on venlafaxine 150mg,i was diagnosed with graves disease 7 years ago and hyperthyroidism symptoms of palpitations,weight loss,shortness of breath,made me feel I had ran a marathon after moderate exertion.was given carbimazole and my levels were up and down then normal then up again and now its within normal range however I still suffer with palpitations and some shortness of breath,not all the time but one week it could be a couple of times another week nearly every day or days with no symptoms,i do also have ocd and when I first got shortness of breath I would be aware of breathing and get anxious if however I have had my mind on something else other than breathing I wouldn't get short of breath when out walking or exerting myself so recently my gp gave me diazepam 2mg and I have been taking one a day and although early days as only been on them just short of two weeks,the palpitations and shortness of breath have become minimal,its only when I suddenly think to myself I haven't got short of breath I seem to bring it is very difficult to stop thinking obsessive thoughts and I am sure its my obsession about breathing have made me so aware of it I am making myself anxious but how do I stop? I have been on diazepam before but 5mg and found those to be better and never become dependant on them but if the 2mg are minimising the anxious thoughts would I benefit more from asking my gp to increase the dose for a short time also if there was something wrong with my lungs instead of symptoms now being minimal,over 7 years they would be worse wouldn't they?

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  • Good Morning Bev, I am no medical expert but I would tend to agree that if you had a lung condition the symptoms would get worse over time - certainly my husbands' have. It might be an idea to ring the BLF helpline and ask their advise. I would also add that my husband who has severe COPD also suffers with anxiety and the thought of being breathless can actually bring on breathlessness. He too has to try to distract himself. The very best of luck, TAD xxx

  • Good Morning Tad,thanks for replying.I am sorry your Husband has copd ,my Brother was diagnosed with it two years ago and without seeming unsympathetic I guess seeing him out of breath doesn't help my situation.How does your Husband distract himself? Bev xxx

  • He tries to do little things - he will turn the TV on or off; change channels, try to change his focus to the dogs; anything but think about the breathing! I think it takes some practise - he was advised to put a stone or something similar in his pocket and use that as a distraction by either putting it in his hand or swapping it from hand to hand etc. Good Luck xx

  • Hi Bev. Are you also a member of the Thyroid UK bit of Health Unlocked? You might like to post there too. I believe there is also an anxiety group though I haven't been on there so don't know much about it. I know that breathlessness can sometims be part of the thyroid thing and not necessarily a lung related issue.

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