•Fully portable oxygen concentrator.

•The unit is 21cm high, 22cm wide and 8cm deep. It weighs 2.2kg and is in a case that can be worn across the shoulder or hung on the back of a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

•Included in the package are two re-chargeable batteries, a mains charging kit, a 12v car charging kit and two unused, packet sealed cannulas. The user manual is also included.

•Operation of the equipment is very straightforward.

•Settings up to 4 litres per minute.

•Each battery should run the machine for four hours and the batteries re-charge in approx. four hours.

•The machine is for sale as its owner’s prescription now exceeds four litres per minute.

•It was purchased new from InterMedical Homecare in June of 2013 at a cost of £3495. It was used occasionally for six months.

•This extremely high quality equipment, that has seen very little use, is for sale at a price of £2850.

•Free personal delivery within a 100 mile radius of Plymouth (excludes Channel Islands & IOS).

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Good morning NickDevon,

there is a section on Health Unlocked specifically for respiratory equipment for sale where more people may see what you are selling.

If you go back to 'posts', then 'pinned posts' on the right of the page, you will see a category called 'respiratory equipment for sale'. You just need to reply to the initial post with your details.

Best regards,


What part of Plymouth are you?

what part of Plymouth are you?

A few miles east - in the South Hams to be a little more precise.

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