Well what a night

Why is when ever you manage to have a goodnight out, there's always some stupid little two pint wonder thinks he's IT. Or a Dolly Bird painted to the nines that can hold her spritzer' anyway Nin and me actually managed a break in our really busy schedule and decided to give the local pub the benefit of our patronage, needless to say they came in. I left 50p on the pool table whilst we nipped out back for quick one (ciggy that is), came back in and this little W****r had nicked my 50p and was playing pool with his mate, so me was not a happy chappy, and as for Nin :) Well spitting feathers wasn't on it, but I did get my 50p back plus made him pay for the next two games and totally embarrassed him in front of his mate on the table, He got 'ammered :) .

So up to this point all is well with the world, well ish. Then comes the lock in, were all having a good dance and sing song etc, but me being me, flipping IDIOT. Had to play silly , snook out the front door and went garden pinching, A Big Pink flower of a Rhododendron, plus a couple more, that I really cant remember what they're called ( well it was a lock in ), got back to the pub, Nins going nutty cos' she couldn't find me, anyway got on my bended knees for the umpteenth time (as you do when you've been a naughty boy), but she forgave me when she saw the flowers :) HeeHee!!! great me thinks got away with it. But the this stupid blinking Bimbo (not blonde by the way, shudda been though) picks up the flowers and crushes them saying they are weeds ( don't know where she's from but I guess Milton Keynes , aka Concrete City ) By now Nin is after blood and not mine, Oh Dear!!!! after a rather nasty exchange of profanities from me, she shut up laughing, and the with a nod and wink from the landlord the pub was in uproar at what had just occurred.

And the Moral of this Story is, DON'T mess with the AZ MAN :P


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  • Never mind Azz go have some lemon merengue ( did I spell that right ) hope you are both well

    Dorothy xx

  • thanks Dot we are ok just suffering a little bit with pollen and hangovers but on the whole can't complain (well I could But with all our ailments t's pointless ish) :) spelling near enough for this northern oick lol

  • There was a time Az I would have enjoyed a night like that. Now I am too ruddy old. Sob.sob. Love to you and Anna.

    Bobby xxx

  • I would love a night out like that with Az and nin and we might achieve it one day! .

    How are you anyway Bobby? Not seen you for a while. You will never be old chuck x

  • Eeeee! you little tinker LOL Don't tell me we have to do it all over again :D :D :) Too damn right :)

  • Yep and I have to to try and outdo you on outrageousness :)

    Did you ring me the other day? Wasn't sure. Are you coming up to Torquay in the near future? I am planning another trip up north my birthday at the end of Jan. We will definitely get together this time. How is Anna? And how are you Az?

    Bev xx

  • Errr! Big Oooops!!, totally you know what, suited and booted, out with Nin and her Boys, Down Southend doing a Jonny Essex Northern Style, Goes down great till ya trip up over a hidden step and fall flat on yer a**e but not to worry us oicks bounce well I think LOL OUCH!!!!! :)

  • Ps. Still got the bruises to prove, be nice to see you at the end of Jan, It'll be double bubble, as it's Nins birthday as well :D Oooor !! Best warn the Old Bill to get the riot squad ready HeeHee!

  • Nah!! yer never to old to try LOL, how's he other old fart doing, John aka Jambo :) Really good to hear from ya, so when do we start world war VI or Armageddon LOL :D :D :)

  • Is this part of a Script for TOWIE?

  • cudda been the Essex Gal was wi' me LMAO :)

  • You're more restrained than me, he'd have done sword swallowing with the pool cue - only at the wrong end:)

  • Never mind the pool cue, it would have been the wrong end of the spider lol :)

  • Would have like to be a fly on the wall in A+E :)

  • When are you going to write book?

  • Nin keeps telling me to do it, but putting it all down on paper doesn't feel quite right, but that's just me, I'm a funny b****r :)

  • I realise your a funny b----r that's why you should write a book lol

  • When are you going to write book?

  • Sounds like a really fun night Azz and wish I could have been there. Not been to a pub for way too long. You take care, xxxx

  • Time to find one and have a fling and chat up the fella's like ya used to :) :) :) :O

    you take care too, XXX


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