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where has it gone? flu vaccine

a response from suzie, on my e mail,on the post "flu vaccine" there were quite a few answers on it,,, but when i go to the post,,,it comes up, ,, "this post has been deleted",, i see there is one called "flu jab," with two answers,, but the other was def headed "flu vaccine" with quite a few answers on it, i cant remember who started the thread, but i should think a very important thread for this time of the year,,,,, we,ll need to get sherlock holmes in for this one,,,or barrat holmes, even wimpey holmes :D,, jimmy

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I have seen several posts that have been deleted and no idea why. It's those gremlins again jimmy. Have you got your flu jab booked or have you had yours already? Hope you are keeping as well as you can anyway. Take care xxxx


hi sassy, yes it certainly looks like that,the gremlins are at it again :) i havent got my flu jab booked , this was the part of the "deleted thread" of "flu vaccine], you would have thought the moderators would have merged the flu vaccine, flu jab threads together,,, anyway i was asking does it have to be a complete year between vaccines? im not sure when i had mine now,, but if i remember right, it was kept getting put off due to infections, so quite possibly only maybe 6 months ago, i got the flu and pneumonia jab at the same time,,, suzie6 was answering me, saying she had it done having a 10 month period between,,, but couldnt read the rest of her post, or the rest of that particular thread due to this deletion,, however im quite sure my g,p would have this in order, shes pretty bang on with things,, but thanks for your post sassy, i was thinking it was my computer,, you take care now sassy,, kind thoughts,,,jimmy xxx


Just keep on top of it jimmy, you don't want to miss out. Wishing you well as always. xxxxx


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