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Drug trial

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Yippee, I've just been told that I've been accepted on a new drug trial at Papworth Hospital so who cares about a 90 mile round trip and nearly two hours on the A14!! The trial is for people with non-cystic fibrosis with severe bronchiecstasis and lasts a year. I should be pleased that I may be helping others in the future it's just all the tooing and froing that is such a trial (pardon the pun). Take care, Lizzy.

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Good luck!! :)

Thanks for doing that Lizzy and good luck!

Yay. That's great news Lizzie.

Yes that flaming A14! Hope you get good appointment times for travelling avoiding rush hours. You don't have to come through that horrendous traffic mess at Barton Mills do you?

Spoke to Jennifer a few moments ago, she's in Bury with Peter.

Well, see you soon and you can tell me all about it..... Good luck with it all.

I've about ten days to go, eeeeeek, panic stations here. P xxx

oh go girl !!!!

i have been looking here to see if there was anything i could do......its going to be hard going for you but each and everyone of us thank you for it honey...

keep us up to date x

Good luck. Hope it works for you.

Kim xxx

Thank you and I hope you get some personal benefit from it as well. At the very least you get to meet new people.

Love and a congratulations/thank you hug

Dozy :) x x x

good on ya Lizzie. What trial is it hun. cx

I'll let you know tomorrow cofdrop. Take care, Lizzy xx

Hi Cofdrop, to quote the blurb - A Multicenter, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Pulmaquin (R) in the management of chronic lung infections with pseudomonas aeruginosa in subjects with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis, including 28 open-label extension - hope this makes sense. I don't start the trial until the 29th September. I'll keep you posted. Take care, love Lizzy x

I would be really interested to hear about your journey with this trial. I too was interested in this inhaled Cipro - even though I have probs with oral Cipro (tendons), because I am intolerant to so many abs (oral, IVs and nebbed) and have so many infections HI in particular has taken up residence. My con was going to put me forward but I don't quite meet the criteria.

I hope you get the cipro and that it will be of great benefit to you Lizzy and eventually to many bronchiectatics.

Good luck sweet and please let us know how both you and the trial is going.

Just a thought. Would they do some of the stuff at your local hospital. I believe if I was on the trial my local hospital would do some of the stuff - it is a cf adult centre - meaning I would not have to go as many times to Manchester, which would be my nearest trial centre.

Love cx

Good luck lizzzy

Well done Lizzie ! As someone who also has very severe bronchiectasis, it's great to hear of a new drug possibly coming on stream.

All the very best Lizzy,Hope the traffic isn`t to much for you.Let us know how things go

good luck x

Thank you to each and everyone of you for all your good wishes and support. When I say it's a new drug trial I could be on the placebo which I, or the people looking after me, don't know until a few months after the finish - it's called a double blind trial. I'll keep you posted about what happens every time I visit Papworth. Thank again. Take care, Lizzy xx

Good luck Lizzie, i shall be thinking of you, love jan

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