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Mass on lung and copd.


I am frm Canada . I posted this before but I need some assurance that everything will be fine .. My breathing has gotten very bad and that was fast . They did a ct scan and it showed a 5 cc of mass on my lower right lung besides my lymp nodes are inflamed . I am going for a consultion with a specelist next week and I am so scared . Has anyone had this ? please answer me fast . Thankyou . PS All I have been doing is sleeping and not eating.

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Oh dear otto 1969,, please try not to worry so much,,easier said than done i know,, but first you must try to eat,,your health will go downhill faster by not eating,, I,m sure somebody will come along soon who has had the same symptons,,good you are seeing a specialist so soon,,at least they can explain everything to you in laymans turns,,my bestest friend has only 1 lung and lives a full and happy life, if the worst was to happen,,,am wishing you all the best,, chrisse xx


Hi Otto I haven't been there so can't comment. Unfortunately no one can tell you it is going to be fine because no one knows. Hopefully it will be and I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Do try and eat though otherwise your health will be affected. x


Hi otto 1969

With out knowing much about your condtion .. Most bad infections leave bits of crap consoladation in your lungs.

Becouse its 5cm you are recving good care as anything over 2cm warrents further investigation and it sounds like the following good protocalls

Even if its what you think it is the good news is they can remove bottom part of your lung whitch is a plus plus

As to your lynth nodes could be a simple infection

Like my lung doc say's there no point worry as you could be doing all this worry and not watch what you doing and get hit by a bus . and it turns out to be nothing

As to your breathing stress can play huge role and unresolved chest infection

Wishing you well and hope av help you keep things in prospective

Cheers all the best

One option is removal of damage area. Concept is why add breathing air to an area that is just staving youn of air. I've read where others have benefit, but what do I know all I can do is wreck a body , doesn't seem in my capability to remain healthy.

Hello you must be very worried do you have family near by and some one who can go with you to the hospital, you say you have this mass in or around your lung what ever it is it has to be removed which is got to help you to breather better, just try to calm down and deal with one thing at a time, when you go to the hospital take someone with you so they can hear also what is being said, and I really hope with all my heart that there is good news for you. God bless

Even if you,re sleeping a lot you must eat.A healthy diet is essential for us with lung problems.Good luck Otto.D.

Someone on this list clarified that copd is a very general diagnosis thanks for that I will add clarification to the list I have for my doctor. One thing I have noticed is things you might guess would cause problems do like dust, paint fumes a smoky oven, mold sitting at the gas station with windows rolled down long story I know but I do not use my inhaler very often even though my doctor said he would like me to use it more I find using it causes incontinence of sorts. I will ask him that question as well to the person concerned about a Mass on thier lung I hope you will update us on your condition. One of my brother's middle name is Otto if 1969 is your birthdate your a young person I am going to check and see if there are more posts from you I hope there are!

otto1969 in reply to Mrynelson

I am receiving chemo as the mass on my lung is unoperable. I have had 3 chemo and not doing to bad. I will be going for my 2nd bout of chemo Oct 21st . Thanks for your concern But it does frighten me alot . I hope tp hear from you soon . Thanks again

I would be stressed out but I have attention deficit I can't stick on anything so if I were in your shoes I would probubly either worry alot or forget to worry but makesure I did what I was supposed to. I was diagnosed along time ago with thyroid dyfunction I thought it was very common I was sloppy taking my medication so my doctor informed me I had the worst case he had seen in a year and that a person could die without taking medication. I want things to go well for you please feel free to share your fears if that will help there is a statement overused in the U.S. it's I got your back. I think I got your back . I could just say that your in my thoughts. I am going to ask the Universe to cut you some slack and bring you a calm secure feeling. I have no idea what our time diffence is so here it goes soon I will be sleeping comfortably. I hope you have a great day today otto!

Delahunt in reply to Mrynelson

Aww so sorry what's your condition I am new & got lost around the site . Would you like to talk about your anxiety feeling you experience I am more or less frightened off death how you coping geting close i it's awful if you do not reply god bless & keep you alive xx

I am 51 i have same problems at this time

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