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Carbocisteine 375mg capsules and Azithromycin 500mg

Could anyone please tell me if there is another tablet I can take instead of Carocisteine 375mg capsules, my Doctor has given me the Liquid form but says it will be the same as the capsules.which made every ill,I think I would pre the chest infections that the sickness these tablets can cause and the cramps in your stomach so painful

also does any one know of another tablet then Azithromycin 500 mg these two tablets have made me so ill I dont think I will go back on them

I have just been reading a page about Azithromycin tablets and it states if you have heart trouble or in fact had heart attacks people have died taking these tablets I have had 3 heart attacks so was very supprised to read this please if you do have trouble with your heart just call your Doctor to check I am sure a Doctor would be that daft so please dont worry

regards Fredperrin

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Hiya Fred I was sick for mths on carbocisteine,Nurse told me to eat and drink before taking them,,That helped a great deal as it lines the tum..I take two a day now..I was on four,but I dont get mucus on my lungs unless I have an infection.I think the Mucodyne helped shift it..Good luck Regards Laura

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Hi Fred re azithromycin my chest doctor prescribed this for me despite it being written in my hospital notes that I was allergic to erythromicin, luckily the pharmacist picked up on this and refused to let me have my prescription (fair enough it would be her head on the block in the end) until she had a word with the prescriber. My allergy manifested itself with hives and that was all, I was also interested to note it was cardiotoxic as well as I suffer from IHD and have had 2 MI's. The long and short of it was that I had to take one capsule while in the A&E and spent a useless 4 hours before they decided it was OK for me to take the capsules and so here I am on the blessed things.


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