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As anything really changed with Cancer treatment and scandle of rationing

As anything really changed with Cancer treatment and scandle of rationing

I for one never knew such a thing exsisted as to cancer treatmeant rationing BUT when it comes to staging and hiden cost rationing on paitants welfare its worth a mention ESP give scandle with CCG and viagra farse

As we have seen these so called NHS buyers Such as CCG seem to love trying to run our lifes .., but are not as keen as standing in our footsteps when it comes to being at receiving end of dodgy paratices such as denied or late treatment

Even tho rationing as been around since year Dot as anything really changed when it comes to cancer and early treatment

As one medical clinician said to me generally its those wth a biger voice seem to fair lot better when it comes to treatments and scandle of rationing

Read more about scandle of rationing and how its more relevant today as it was then

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Hi Daz, how are you? Are you keeping up with your exercises and how are your readings going? Cheersxx

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Hi jenss cheers thanks for reminding me .. Yer all have to check them ..

Thats it yer ad forgot then yer my lung doc put me on new antibiotics AZITHROMYCN 250mg 1 aday

And must say the crap really they seem to react with my

Qvar auto inhaler beclometasone diptopionate

Think i might peer em off as it feels like germ pile on but they have stoped my lung pain

Is hard one but a dont think the that great as feel quite chesty .. thanks for replys yer not forgot sbout me other

Cheers thanks

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This is a terrible scandal Daz and I have always thought that people need immediate treatment if they have cancer, yet they don't get it. How on earth can the rationing of chemotherapy be allowed? It is a disgrace and something needs to be done about it.

Hope you are doing ok. Take care and wishing you well. xxxxx

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Hi sassy59 cheers yer am surviving yer not forgot about my other post thanks for comment ..

Yer is shocking a was quite upset about CCG trying to tell people how to live you life with the viagra scandle and thats with out this

Its tottaly shocking given all funding cancer rationing still seems to be a issue yet dont tell you that when campaigning

Is disgrace national disgrace how they would let things get out of hand rather than to treat early or pile on more resources

You cant help thinking is it being done on purpose

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ive just read all that its scary to think people will be denied there treatment ,ive got a friend whos been dx with a form of cancer and shes waited 7 weeks ,her treatment starts next week, well if theres out left that is good post Daz Cheers xx wishing you well,

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Hi twiceshy3 cheers yer am sorry to hear about ya mate must be trying time

Really wish em the best ..yer is defo shocking such things go on

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Hi, Daz. See you are on azithromycin. Well, it worked for me, at least for the moment, during a time when I needed the best health I could offer for my husband. xx

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Hi pergola1

Cheers av been on them about a week now but cant realy feel any inprovment .

My chest seems tight and still coughing and my breathing not been great on them,

Think my inhaler steriode inhaler might be reacting with them or just be stress .

Anyway all see how things go b4 a go see gp again

Also thats so thoughtful of you defo a yummi in my book you want to be at your best health wise for your hubby

Is thoughtfull and sweet really ... hope its reciprocated in some way

Thanks for comment cheers all the best :)

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