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still here

Hi everyone, I was o this site as loisfruitcake (popplewell) but have changed from a computer to a laptop and can't get back on the site with my own email. Would love to hear from Marvary who has been chatting to me for quite a while. Now had 5 months of the 9 the consultant gave me and still, most days, am doing OK. Going to the Hospice one day a week which gives my husband a rest and entertains me. The food is really good! The people too are lovely and I won't have any concerns about going in there. Still getting out and about in the wheelchair and had a lovely day out shopping yesterday. Hopee everyone is coping. Lois

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Hi Lois,yes I remember you as popplewell! Good to hear from you again.

So glad you are getting out & about,good on you!

How lovely,you can enjoy the hospice,once a week,I'm sure you look forward to that,& able to chat with people in the same position as you.

Do Hope Mavary sees your post,why don't you send her a pm?

Keep posting,hugs Wendells xxx


Hello Lois, good to hear from you, I'm pleased you are being well taken care of, the Hospice sounds like a nice place, I'm glad you are enjoying yourself! Mavary is sure to be in touch with you, stay warm in this Autumnal spell we're having, hugs huff xxxx


Hi ya sweetheart. !!!so glad to hear you are getting out a bit. . I was only thinking about you the other day. ! Did you have a lovely time with you daughter from australia. ? And did you manage to go to a few places. ! Lookinb farward to hearing from you sue x


Hi Lois, nice to see you back and hear you are getting on well at the hospice. I remember you by your other names. Mavary has not posted to the community for a while due to family changes I recall, but I am sure she will contact you if she sees your post or as suggested maybe a pm might be a better option. Hope you are well as can be today.


Hi Lois. I'm still here as well. Nice to hear from you. I was thinking of sending you another post. Did you get the last one?. Mike went to the Hospice one day a week. He quite enjoyed it too. It's getting a lot colder and I don't like it much. I went out with my Son today and my two Grandsons. We went on a steam train to Minehead. It was raining when we got there and freezing cold. I didn't have my coat only a thin cardi. I was going to buy a fleece but we went in for dinner and when we came out the sun was shining which felt a bit warmer. I wouldn't listen too much to what they say about how long. They don't really know. They can only guess. People are proving them wrong all the time. How's the puzzles going. I'm still not doing mine. I'm waiting for the winter when I have time. My Sons are keeping me busy all the time. Try to PM me again. If it doesn't work I will message you on here. Love Mavis. Xxx


Just like to send my love to all my other friends on here. Xxx


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