Have suffered for a long time with Catarrh running down back of throat even when admitted to hospital with pneumonia when asked about symptoms I said I had a cold with cough and catarrh in throat , this is still a major problem or question is it?

Is the congestion I feel normal for COPD cannot get it to break up even using steam inhalations it is always worse in humid hot weather or very cold, pressure also builds up like swelling in sinuses , am now confused as to what is what.

Have first appointment tomorrow at COPD clinic at doctors practice any ideas on questions to ask.

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I'm probably too late to advise you, but I was going to say just ask him the questions you want to....then can you let us all know the answers? I suffer from a lot of catarrh at times, but not all the time. Good luck :)

Hi have had a lot of the same scarry at times now I don't know if this will help you .i have c.o.p.d this is the first time iam nearly clear of catarrh I have been using beconase hay fever and siping fizzy tonic water it as took four days to start feeling better but for me it's been great

I suffer with catarrh too, always have, and repeated sinusitis. Started long ago before the COPD/Bronchiectasis diagnosis. The Hospital have recently (only recently?) linked the 2 together. They say it is rhinitis and I have a steroid nasal spray and take an antihistemin daily. It seems to have dried up my nose and stopped the runny nose but it has made it harder to breath through my nose especially at night. Just have to wait and see how it goes long term.

That's exactly what I was told at ENT only the steroid spray made my nose so tender it bled now told only to use sterimar sea salt spray

Like you spend most of my time mouth breathing causing dry mouth and difficulty breathing

Thank you for replies I just wondered if this was common in COPD patients.

Bobs mum, have you been given Carbocisteine, sometimes know as Mucodyne? It makes the mucus in your sinuses as well as the lungs less sticky so enabling to be easier to clear.

Also, did you get a referral to the ENT specialist? I did years ago, had a head scan which showed all my sinuses blocked and a tiny weeny escape channel for the mucus. This Carbocistiene was given for my lungs but it really helps the blocked sinus & post nasal drip.

I sometimes take Hayfever tablets which also help a bit. Good luck. P

I get a lot of catarrh, but I also get hay fever sometimes. I bought a little device from Lloyds chemist for allergies, including dust, pet etc, which also causes me to have a runny nose. The device has two nasal prongs, with little infrared lights. It dampens down the histamine produced. You only use it for a couple of minutes 3 times a day and I found it really helped after a couple of days use. I'll try and find the link for it, but they sell them on the shelves in store. I used to take piriton, which made me so drowsy and nasal sprays, but using the device means I don't have to take them. It may well help if the cause of your problem is due to allergies. Look at the reviews, which are very good in most cases.

Thank you for advice on device from LLoyds will look tomorrow as ENT diagnosed rhinitis when checked by them sprays etc don't help much and cause irritation so will give this a try

Hi, I am ermintrude, ermie for short, still a newbie on this sight, 3 years ago I had a cold for 4 months

I worked on a hospital ward and mentioned it to one of the doc's he said when you have a cold the blood vessels in the nose swell up and rub agains the mucus zones which bungs you up and also drips down throat giving you a cough, he recommended Otrivine to bring down the swelling of blood vessels and hey presto 3/4 days later total relief. It's not expensive and can be bought over the counter at chemist, might be worth a try. I worked for me. Good luck if you do.

Thank you have tried it and yes it does help but can only be used for short time

Here's the link for the anti-allergy device from Lloyds chemist

Thank you I bought one from our local branch yesterday unfortunately the batteries although new seem to be flat as not staying on will take it back to change tomorrow thank you for the link

Have also read that Vitamin C is good at helping with allergies, So up your fruit intake. I'm sure the article specifically mentioned apples, though I can't remember why. Good luck with your anti-allergy device.

Thank you

Finally been able to log in again after forgetting password recently my mucus has become worse have tried all the nasal sprays with and without steroids have had antibiotics and oral steroids Sterimar seems to do the same thing reducing swelling and drying up sinuses has anyone noticed if dairy or wheat makes things worse as I can't seem to pinpoint any specific reason weather ,humidity, all seem to cause flare up.

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