Understanding C.O.P.D.

A paramedic was explaining on T.V.’s ‘Emergency Bikers’ how he was trained to realise what C.O.P.D. sufferers were experiencing. He said they were sent on a long run, then told to run up and down a flight of stair a couple of times, then sat down and told to breath through a straw; something he has never forgotten !

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Oh I know I shouldn't laugh, but that sounds hilarious, I know I have a very weird sense of humour becauselike us all here who suffer from cCOPD, we know exactly what that experience is and its no joke it is just the thought of these paramedics breathing through a straw that got me, thanks dukes. Angse

It's even better when you use drink straws, ask people to close their noses and march in place....they get the idea very quickly! I use that regularly in my talks with the general public and especially when I'm doing sessions with kids about smoking. It's pretty effective, especially when they realize that the O2 I wear is something I need much of the time.


Thank you Juke, Most of us even with mild COPD could not run up stairs or run anywhere without adverse effect on health infact many of us can't even walk briskly without breathing difficulties, but teaching the paramedics by example is good don't you think.?

Too true Katie, I avoid the stairs like the plague and couldn't run if my pants were on fire, but still get comments from those unaffected like "Yeah, I get a bit out of breath sometimes too !"

I'd like to send them on the course :)

It is bad enough going upstairs and then forgetting why you went there is worse.

I know just what you mean.


I'd be dead by then I wouldn't reach the straw..lol.

Yeah, me too, Colours, but these are the big fit young healthy guys who are coming to our assistance i suppose, so they get to know what it feels like :)

Yeah, me too, Colours, but these are the big fit young healthy guys who are coming to our assistance i suppose, so they get to know what it feels like :)

wonderful what a good training - wish others knew what it was really like - I look and feel sort of ok when just sitting but oh boy when I move down go the stats breathlessness steps in and weakness but others just do not get it - great training thank you xx

I think that is part of the problem, Undine, we look OK until we collapse in a heap on the floor.

Been trying to post a letter for two days, but this hot weather has left me like a limp rag.

Pillar box is only 50 yards away, down stairs is OK and I can just about make it back to the front door.

Then I have to sit for 5 to get my puff back, before going up one short flight of stairs to my flat, where I must hang out of the window for another 5 to get some air. Eight years ago I was as fit as a fiddle.

Keep your chin up, there are plenty on here in the same boat who understand exactly what it is like :)

Then we should get every MP and decision maker who works for Atos to do this.

Atos do Could Only Postpone Decisions

Worth a try, onamission, most of them are full of hot air ;0

I read this before, but it's the reality for a lot of us. yet, one can improve with exercises! I did!

If I could manage a tiny fraction of this on a good (bad)day id think I was superman lol. If only, I get breathless walking from my perching stool(in my corner so karen knows where I am and im not doing anything I shouldn't lol)across to the other side of my kitchen(8ft)and that's on a good day.

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