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Morning All - its cooler here today (not much) but enough to allow the brain to work - hehe. I have noticed on reading all or most of the postings about COPD you all seem to have lots of information given by your GP. I was diagnosed 4.5 years ago and whilst I undergo spirometry testing and then see the GP I don't know the information you all do! Mild Moderate or Severe - Fev numbers etc - I think I ought to make another appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to get this information - what do you think?

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  • hiya I would find out what stage your at,did you get given any inhalers or a scan.x

  • Hi there twiceshy3

    Thanks for your reply - I am taking seretide 125 and spiriva 18mcg. Walking is difficult. I have not attended the hospital for the condition. Should I have?


  • Hi Jacky - many nurses and GP's do not impart information about your sprometry results or which 'stage' you are at unless you first make it clear that you want to know. This is because some patients prefer not to know - in fact as recently as four or five years ago the vast majority of UK patients did not know there were 'stages' or measurements to be had - it is through reading up online and using forums that we all become aware of these things and can then decide for ourselves. Your GP or respiratory nurse will have all these details recorded on your file so I suggest you make an appointment and explain that you would like to be told your details. Ask for them to write the details down for you or better still make sure you have your pen and paper on you each time you visit. Some people have been known to take a photo of the computer screen with their results on - but I know my GP and nurse are a bit old fashioned in that respect and prefer to read the numbers out to me.

    As regards whether you should have a hospital appointment - there is no need for one unless there is doubt about your diagnosis or any concern that there may be complications, or if for example you are at a point where you need oxygen. The usual routine once your original diagnosis and medication is sorted out is for 6 monthly spirometry and check ups with the nurse if you are at the severe or very severe stage, or an annual check up if you are at the mild or moderate stage. Of course there is nothing to stop you making appointments in between if you have any concerns.

    If you have recently noticed you are having more difficulty with walking etc you can check whether this is due to any recent drop in your spirometry scores - or whether it is purely from 'deconditioning'. Either way the answer is more exercise - you can either do this yourself or ask to be reffered to 'pulmonary rehabilitation'. In addition to exercise 'rehab' will teach you the basics about COPD and you will meet others in the same position as you. However rehab is not available in all areas of the country, and even when it is quality can vary from excellent to dire. Your respiratory nurse is the best one to help with that.

  • Hi Jacky1950, go for it, find out as much as you can fron your GP or nurse, you can never have too much information about your condition.


  • I prefer to have a pulmonary consultant myself. My doc is great but obviously is not as educated as my consultant on the subject, so they work closely together to give me the best treatment. Plus, of course, my wonderful oxygen ladies.

  • Thanks everyone for your advice - will make that appointment

    Have a nice weekend

  • Thanks everyone for your advice - will make that appointment

    Have a nice weekend

  • hi, is cooler your name. i been diagnosed 1 month and a bit ago. i went to the doctor an there i had it ! copd. i don't know know what stage yet, but i was shocked for a time.l have a inhaler its good 6 7 times a day when walking about the spray helps, to get up the hill i get in trouble, you know for me the symbicort 200 as from a top nurse shown to handle . i just don't know much about copd i must have had it for some years. and not notice it and thanks to the job center. i collapsed in a corner, i just had to say this is my story what is yours!!!


  • Hi reiner

    No my name is not cooler but jacky!

    It is shocking when you get the Initial diagnosis but you get used to it.

    For the last four years I have just taken my meds and got on with living. Recently joined this site and realised I don't have as much information as others. So I shall make an appointment with the copd nurse at my practice.

    I am sure you will be ok - I suppose the way forward is with as much information as possible. Mainly get on with living - good luck


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