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To friends and and any one else that,replied to Nins post, it's absolutely great to see the relief, the smile back in her face and the Dippy, hippy chicken (flipping blackberry) that I know back, thank you it means a lot to us.

She's brave, she smiles

Takes all this in her stride

It's simple things

That keep going

And through the troubles

Sh' been full of bubbles ( morrisons best baked beans :P )

Never can I say that

Nin's ever faltered

Like a trooper she always stand stat

But there's a girl sat next to me

Who says she's totally stupid

It's secret you just between you and me

Plus the wood and the ears in the wall

I'm not supposed to tell

Nin says she' a Ninja

Or is it me that's the binger

Who knows.

But she' s great make no mistake

Nins the best that's happened to me


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glad iamnins is feeling better and that she is making you smile, and writing poetry. all the best take care nannyb xxx

Oh Az how soppy! :d xx

Sweet !!!

I feel it in my fingers

I feel it in my toes

Love is all around me ....

Fill in the rest D :) x


Lovely! xxx

That's nice.


Just so happy that she is getting there now, bless her she has been through so much and without complaining a very special lady. Glad now that she has had a second chance of happiness she deserves it. Its so lovely to hear such an uplifting story for a change. Keep loving each other and keep smiling both of you. I wish you both lots of happiness for the future. Take good care.

Love Julie

xx xx xx

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Glad to hear the good news that Nins is picking up and getting back to her old self xx

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