So yesterday, I was playig with my sister to make her laugh. So I ate some helium. It was funny at first but now I dont even feel like myself. It feel like sometimes I can bearly breath but I am. I cant really describe it but I'm just really scared. I was reading and it said that it can kill you, something bad can happen to your lungs. And its only the left side of my neck hurting. Maybe I'm just overthinking it. But I know myself and I dont feel the same

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Please ring the helpline 03000030555 on Monday morning. They are experts and can advise you.

Good luck

Thank you

If you mean you inhaled Helium from Balloons, or even from a cylinder (as I hear is a popular gimmick at parties and festivals these days) then no harm will have been done. I have done the balloon trick many times and love playing the part of Minnie Mouse ;) So please put your fears to rest. In fact a mix of Helium and Oxygen (HELIOX) has been used by patients in some Pulmonary Rehab studies and it was found to help with exercise. See links;

Fascinating,typically it comes down to cost!Grrrr!


Pick up the phone and call an emergency at the hospital and talk with one of the nurses they are very well iinfomed and will tell you what to do. Do this immediately dont wait for anyone. If they tell you to come to the hospital - get going.

Good luck.


Sheyenne_98 - Sounds to me like you are suffering from a bit of anxiety. Do you have any medical conditions like asthma or COPD? I did a quick bit of reading of pubmed and Helium actually helps increase airflow through the airways.

I hope all ends well. Lets us know how you got on :)

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