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Neighbour thinks im mad!!

I was sat in garden blowing through straws into water (advice given to me by lovely ppl on here) to remove gunk and help clear this infection off my chest..My neighbour was watching me and must of thought I lost the plot!!She either thought that I am nuts on morph or I am a big kid that likes blowing bubbles..Just to say to ppl that advised me to try it ,thank you it does help xxxxxx

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I have just read your post! and didn't pick up on blowing through straws into water - going to get my husband doing that immediately! Might get a few strange looks from others in his office!!! Hope you are feeling better, lots of love TADxx

I had the advice from lovely peeps on here,,I it works, takes a little while but it WORKS!!Still poorly think im getting there ta lots of love Laura xxx

Hi Laura we miss you on BLF.... I hope you are ok -take carexxxx

Oh dear Porche. Maybe you should do it indoors in future :d xx

She let her dog out,she did say she only looked because she heard the noises..haha xxx

Now be honest porche you are just a big loveable kid at heart. If it helps keep on doing it anywhere anyhow any place. xxx

It takes me back when I used to blow bubbles in my milk as a kid lol xxx

I haven't heard of this before so I am going to try it - thank you!

Its so

So glad it's working well for you - nuts or not! ;-)

Here's a link Tad and Louisiana - it's called Bubble PEP

love cx

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Thanks Cofdrop, Thats it, effective but works,luv Laura xx

thank you for this - I will look at it today

Just looked at link..I understand how it works now! Think I will give the colouring and bubbles a miss or my neighbour will think I have lost the plot...x

That's part of the fun - though it is designed for kids! x

I know great fun though lol xx

Very happy to hear it is working for you. Was wondering how you got on. Take care xxxx

Porsche - I say let them look and muse at you. I often walk around village with a bandanna over my mouth & nose if temperature is low or if it's windy and if people stare I go cross eyed and they always seem to be the embarrassed one !! That was all except last Xmas when I walked into the bank wearing bandanna gloves and woolly hat.. Couldn't understand why I was getting funny looks at first, then I realised.... Doh??

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Haha that made me smile for the day!,I still can't accept I am disabled as I just went down hill very fast!!I hate this damn disease..Thanks for making me smile....Laura

Just saw this,Plumbob,you made my day,I'm still laughing! xxx

My reply went under dear Porsche xx

Hi All, I find this site so helpful, I just logged on and read this post about blowing bubbles through water.

I then read another link with a site showing how to do it.

I will certainly be trying this soon.

Thank you all for your very useful tips and advise.

I was told this by two lovely ppl here,and it certainly works! I am so glad I came on this site I don't feel so alien and the advice I have been given is great , knowing we are all in the same boat and blowing bubbles with it lol...Laura

I've been having a few bad days and am trying to get rid of the mucus...I tried your blowing bubbles in a glass this morning and nothing there a special way of doing it?????

Hello Louisiana,get an old,clean ,plastic milk bottle( large) or similar .Fill with about 3 inches of water.Get some tubing ,from nebuliser,or ask pharmacist,put the tube in the water and blow for as long as is comfortable,do four or five times,it should loosen gunk and help get rid of it.Good luck.D.

thank you I will try it....finding a milk bottle will be difficult, but I will find something. I will let you know how I get on...thanks again.

I done mine in a long vase at first haha..I now have designer one lol bottle and tubing cut from one of my masks works a xx

Listen to Farmer,He told me about it..I have severe Emphysema and it certainly helps as I get too weak to cough at times.....

The link above explains sweet - I will put it here actually


Wow! I have just printed this off (thanks to the member who told me how to print things :) ) It's brilliant and I plan to get the tubing, carton, the meantime I will muddle along with straws....thank you!!!!

Take a deep breathe and blow as hard as your comfortable with, do this a few times and huff..Keep doing it and it will eventually break..Drink lots of fluid too to make it less sticky..Keep trying and keep smiling xx

thank you sooooo much - I will keep trying. I am learning so much from this group. thank you thank you.....:)

Your welcome sweetheart...I am learning too and have had so many good

I find the straw to tenuous, but you can adjust this with a plastic tube hat you put into a bottle. dIf you fill the bottle to the top, it's extremely hard to push bubbles, so you can decrease the amount of water you put into the bottle to make it easier. This is cheap and very efficient, but tiring.

I have a piece of tubing and it works a treat,and a plastic bottle..I soak these ,along with masks etc in babies Milton..Keeps them germ free!! when I first tried it I found it easy and didn't realise the more water the harder it would be..

I think it helped me quite a lot as my infection has cleared a lot quicker than normally..Have a nice day......

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