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Really fed up of my breathing going down..Feel absolutely awful,lungs expanded and feel as if I am drowning..Everything such an effort..Feel sorry for my boyfriend of two years,he is more like a carer now than a boyfriend!

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Porche so sorry that you're struggling. I'm new on here and new to dodgy airways but I've read lots of your posts and you give good reassuring advice which has encouraged me even at my mild stage & encouraged me to post. Really hope your breathing improves but I bet the boyfriend still thinks you're fabulous! Best wishes Adeste x

Aw bless Adeste thank you for a lovely msg..My boyfriend tells me he's going nowhere ,even though I have tried to push him away..Bearing in mind I was quite able two years ago when I met him..He has watched me deteriorate and has helped me no end..Are you in mild stage Emphysema?Feel free to chat anytime Adeste..All the best sweetie x

Hi Porche

Could you have a chest infection......or are you at a stage which makes you short of breath all the time?

Maybe make an appointment to see your GP in the morning.

Good luck.

Hi Riverbank,I am in final stages of Emphysema ..I am awaiting lung reduction op.Thanks for the msg means a lot...Have you copd?

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Hi Porche, yes I have Emphysema, moderate stage. I will have to research this lung reduction op, is there a criteria for it, I have heard of it but not really looked into it. Are you on oxygen ?

It's sounds you've got a nice chap there Porche. Hang on to him, he's a rare breed ! :)

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Your right there..I met him 2yrs ago and he has been a diamond..He is an electrician and certainly lights up my life!!


Your posts shout out to me a bubbly, caring, wonderful spirited personality. Maybe that's why he won't be pushed out the door. Take care porche.

At present (due to steroids) moody,irritable,menopausal. lol.On a more serious note, he has seen me at my very best and worse,at my happiest and at my saddest..At my thinnest and at my fattest..He is my Angel in disguise..I hope after my op I can give a bit back..Here's hoping! Thanks Suzy for the lovely msg x

Your welcome porche it is all true. Have a good day. xx

Hope you have a better day today and that you don't have to wait too long more for your surgery. Hang on in there.

Thanks hunny,rattling from all the drugs on nebs as I write,bit more mobile today.really hate this disease but there is always someone worse off.Hope your ok Argana?x

So sorry you are struggling sweet. Your b'friend sounds like a gem - lucky day for you both when you met I reckon.

Hope you see an improvement soon.

love cx

Aw thank you for lovely msg.He tells me he's a lucky guy to have met me.I don't get it...How can he call himself lucky when he has met someone that can't string a sentence together some days.Bless him...x

I am so sorry to hear how hard you are struggling - my husband has severe COPD. You sound as if you have a fab boyfriend - thank the gods!! I so hope that you are feeling better soon - just wonder if its worth a call to the helpline (click on the red balloon) - just to talk through your condition etc. they maybe able to give you some useful advise. With lots and lots of love TAD xx

Thank you .I may just do that and hopefully they can give me advice on how low my breathing should get before calling paramedics..Both nurses and Paramedics know me by my first name..Embarrassing lol I try to stay out of hospital,but they keep dragging me in..Hope your husband is coping,it seems he has a fab wife too!! xx

Hi Porche,sorry to hear you,re going through a bad patch.As my physio always says(really annoyingly) you,ll have bad days and good days.It does,nt help but it is true.I expect the bad days get more frequent the more the disease progresses.I have severe emphysema and find the wet weather really gets to me so also having a rough time at the mo.Sounds like you have a good man there,don,t push him away,he obviously wants to be with you and I get the impression he is lucky to have you too.I,m looking forward to some sunshine and hope you are too.All the very best to you both and hope you feel a lot better real soon.D.

HI Farmer.Sorry to hear you too are having a rough time of it as well..Its really frightening when the breathing goes down and worse still is when you get no relief from meds.Things start to get a bit panicky then and your by the phone thinking do I phone 111 or 999 or shall I wait to see if things improve..

Do you have episodes where your breathing goes very low that you cant put one foot in front of the other?It scares me a great deal and once my breathing comes back I feel exhausted that I could sleep for a week..

Looking forward to the summer and hopefully catch those rays to give us the serotonin to cheer us all up..Big hugs Laura

OMG I know exactly how you feel.

Reading your replies to some people, I think I am your twin!!

What part of the world do you live in? It would be great to moan together :-)


Hey Kirsty how are you ?I live in Somerset but I am a welsh thoroughbred lol..Where at you at sweetie?We can be twins if you like?So moan away lol My first moan is my damn feet are swollen,I have Kankles lol xxx

Hi porche296. I live in Berkshire (Ascot). Shame we are soo far away from each other.

Kankles, lol, I seem to have them when I've been on my feet all day, or even half a day. More so, my knees, I don't appear to have any lol, they are lost in my legs, lol.

I would love to be your twin :-) xx

hello all you struggling breathers,Hope today for you is better day than yesterday and I hope you have improvements in your health .And hope you are going to have better day too porche 296.If wishes don't come true ...Then perhaps a little prayer might help so I'll say a little prayer 4 u and hope that improvement may come your way ..bless you one and all

Aww bless you Oxytic,I am feeling like a bloated heifer today ,don't know if its fluid or the steroids puffing me up..I have been trying for two hours to get myself ready to go over my daughters,but the breathing laboured somewhat..How are you today?

Know how you feel you go though weeks where you fed up of taking meds and being so short of breath, its an effort to go to the loo and you feel you have no energy but like me it sounds like you have a real good partner hope your feeling better soon

So true,and we are in the same story,just different stages.I cried once to the doctor that its an effort to go to the loo because of sob.Bearing in mind I don't cry often,But its the other things that tag along with sob that gets you down..Fluid retention,cramps,swollen stomach,thick throat,panic attacks fatigue .The list is endless and I hope you are as well as can be.Big hugs Laura

Well porche296 we are all in the same boat I see, puffing and panting, shortage of breath and no sign of any improvement in the near future.......... and yes of course we feel a little depressed at the end of the day. I just sit quietly and will myself into a state of calm, I am on oxygen so perhaps it is a little easier for me.

Once I calm down I look around at the important things around me, my wife and grown up family, bushes and plants bursting with new buds and I appreciate it all with a vengeance

that is only matched by life itself.

Maybe it isn't the best of one but I know that there are people out there far worse off than I am.

Oh by the way, we live in the next county, Wiltshire.

You and your partner have a lovely life.


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I too have Oxygen.I find its not helping as much as it used to,but taking lorazepam and Oramorph calms my breathing down.I like you sit and take in nature with vengeance and see things in a different light since I have been ill.I never knew how beautiful and wondrous nature is.My b/friend made me a bird table last week I feel like snow white lol I really need a book now to name them all.

I like you sit and think,and I am grateful for life itself.My poor westie is fed up of listening to all my probs ,but best friend ever!IWiltshire is a lovely place.Thank you for the kind words Laura.

a group cwtch .....

Nos da

Morning Lovely, Hope you are feeling a little better today lots of love TADxxx

Morning Tad,Its taken an hour to get motivated but feel a lot better today and thank you for asking ..How are you? xx

Porche...I am 58 and have had Emphysema for about 9 years....was asked about transplant 7 years ago but did not feel bad enough lol. I now am much more breathless but try to carry on moving as much as possible. R consultant keeps saying have surgery while you are stable but do not like the odds !!! My friend has had double transplant & is in & out of hospital all the time.....hope all goes brilliant for you, please let us know how you go on. Hugs x

HI,Iam 56 and have had Emphysema since my thirties! Years ago I was offered surgery but during that time I didn't feel ill enough,Things have come a long way regarding surgery,and I have been told that the valve one,sometimes fail,but in some ppl they have worked!

I am having the coil which will pull my lobes together and have been assured by my specialist this is the one they think will help me the most..

Transplant is much more complicated and maybe this is why your friend is in and out of hospital bless her.

Keep exercising in moderation,as its good for you to keep those lungs working! Its a horrible disease,and just hope yours doesn't progress anymore..Take care Big hugs Laura

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