I want to get a new Barbarq as the one I have. Have not been used for at lest 4 years so has gone rusty a little bit so when we went shopping to day I seen one I liked but the wife thinks that it will be no good for me as I have sever copd and something els I know if someone lights a garden fire I got to go in side but the one I like is gas with back vents x2 So can someone who has copd tell if it will be ok as I like having barbaq and I now then I can get some off the grandchildren over as I still like to cook

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Living in Cyprus the land of bbqs the smoke from the coals does effect me so being female I let the hubby cook and I stay indoors till the smoke has subsided. Not had any experience of gas ones but would assume it would be ok as there are no coals to smoke.

I have COPD and am unable to attend barbeques because of the smoke and fumes regardless of what type of BBQ it is. We had a gas one but had to get rid of it because the fumes got to me. Having said that, I suppose everyone's different and the wisest course of action would be to attend a BBQ using gas before you buy one.

I second that

Hi David, sadly gas has damaging fumes (we have even changed to electric stove indoors) and all kinds of smoke are full of particulate matter. So it depends both how much you are affected by both of these, and even if you feel ok smoke and fumes will still be damaging your lungs. Sorry to be the voice of doom, its horrid to have to give up things we love and its an individual decision how far to go with that - pros and cons.

Well we have a gas barbecue and my husband who has severe COPD cant be anywhere near it! He used to be able to cook on the barbecue all the time but just the smell of the gas burning now upsets him and of course my food - when I leave it to burn! My advise would be to be careful. Take care, TAD xx

Have you thought of an electric one? A friend has one & it does a good job! xx

The fumes from the gas ones are bad. I have an extremely large, electric George Forman....can be used indoors or outdoors and has a trolley to wheel it around on....then folds up flat.

Thanks for all your advice is it is a no no

gas is fine ...... it's totally different than the traditional charcoal BBQ's.

Make sure you set it up at a comfortable working height, you use the cover & you don't burn the meat.

I'm severe COPD by the way.

Squady did not think of that good idea par pair the food and let the wife cook it as to many spices and some of it got to be done 24 hours before being cooked like you say have the best of both world thanks

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