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Happy Easter!!

It is almost over here,but I think it's about lunch time in the UK.Hope it's been a good morning,& that the Easter Bunny visited! For those on there own,do spoil yourself with a nice treat.I understand it can be a lonely time.

Well have been having a gander,at some of the news coverage,of Kate & Wills,not forgetting young George! It seems to be quite a success,by all reports,glad the weather has been good for them,warm,but not to hot.They do seem a lovely couple,I must admit,& of course everyone fell in love with George! Besides his birth photos,we hadent seen much of him at all.

They did come to Brisbane,but not the Gold Coast,so I couldent invite them for a cuppa!

Breathe easy everyone,enjoy the day,not to much chocolate! Love to all Wendells xxxx

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Happy Easter to you too Wendells. It's not quite lunchtime at 11.45 but you are close. Hope you had a good time. I'm afraid I am not a monachist and think they are all a waste of space. I don't believe in inherited privelege! Not in this day and age but each to their own I guess.

There can never be anything like too much choccie, it's a contradiction in terms :) x


Happy Easter coughalot. Different opinions but I love that makes life interesting with good debates but always remain friendly.


Happy Easter Wendells. Yes I am enjoying following their visit. I am a royalist. Would hate a President like Blair, Cameron, Clegg or Milliband.

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Happy Easter Wendells and glad you are enjoying the Royal visit. I have seen some of it on t.v. and it is great to see young George looking so well and enjoying himself. Take care and enjoy some chocolate. We have too much here but hopefully will have help eating it later. Lots of love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I only now realised that you live in Oz, Wendells. So are you heading into autumn now and how does the climate there suit your lung problems? On this rainy side if the world we often think all our breathing problems would be solved by a warmer, drier climate. Anyhow, the sun is continuing to beam down in Ireland and it's long time since I remember such a perfect Easter Sunday. Haven't had any chocolate yet but certainly will later on. Have a nice day !


I'm not a royalist either but I can always be tempted by Kate's wardrobe. Have seen zero coverage over here apart from the first day but would quite enjoy a little oohing and aahing at all the gorgeous coats, dresses etc. that have no doubt been worn.


What a lovely message...thankyou Wendells and a Happy Easter to you all out there.

Oh dear! However shall I manage all the chocolate? - a coulple of boxed ones with naughty fillings!!! And then some more irresistable M & S assortment that jumped into my basket just the other day! :D

Jobs nearly done for today so will soon be relaxing with some TV, book or similar. Take care my friend, Lovelight xxx


Lovely post Wend. We've seen more of baby George with his mum & dad together in Austrailia's & NZ than we do normally. I love them, Harry too. I like the modern ones :)

All this talk of chocolate though, I'm trying to pose a few lbs, I'm going to have to drag myself out to some along with the Sunday Times. Cold & wet in London xxxx


Thanks for your msgs,Kate has been quite a knock out in her wardrobe,very tasteful actually,she always looks so natural in whatever she wears.Summer clothes have been all the go,I expect that will change in Canberra,& Adelaide,where they have more of the Autumn weather.

Argana,we are well into Autumn now,but our temps.are still in the late 20s,this should change next month.

As to your question on the warmer climate,heat I like,but humidity can make breathing difficult.Dont think I could take a cold climate now though,I like the sun on my bones!

Hope everyone is feeling ok,after all the! xxxx


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