LVR using Valves

Hi all,not been on for a long time i have been fighting the NHS for funding for a LVR using valves as i am reluctant to have the cut...i finally got this last month and i am booked in for the left Lung on the 8th of next month ...i would be interested to hear from anyone having had this done so i can know what to expect and any tips on a speedy recovery after the op....thank you in advance Andrea

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  • There's a member who's had it done in this link but if you type " valves " in the search box there are quite a few posts about it. I hope that helps.

  • thank you for replying i shall look now

  • it was indeed very inciteful,thank you once again :)

  • Evening. Good luck for the 8th.

    Kim xxx

  • thank you Kim x

  • I have read about a couple of people on this site who have had it done Maddy, they all reported good things about the operation

    Good luck to you and do let us know how it went for you

  • thank you and i will

  • Good Luck Maddy, I have read that it can make a big difference, please keep us updated on how you get on,all the best , huff xxxx

  • thank you x

  • Hi

    I have heard so many good things about this, I wish you all the best.

    And a speedy recovery.


  • thank you David,i am staying positive

    andrea x

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