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A couple were asleep in their bedroom , the husband wakes up to the sound of breaking glass, the wife wakes up trembling in fear, suddenly a convict bursts into their bedroom & demands to know where the money is kept, the husband tells him " down stairs in his wallet, while the thief is down stairs the husband says to his wife , no doubt he has been locked up for years, he's probably sex starved as well, promise him anything he asks of you no matter how perverted , that way we might survive this together - love you dearly, shortly the convict comes back into the bedroom, grabs the woman & frog marches her to the bathroom, her husband looking on all the while, he sees's the convict whispering something into her ear, dreading the worst for her, she returns to the bedroom untouched , puzzled the husband asked her what on earth did he whisper into her ear, she said he said he's gay , thinks your cute, and where do we keep the k y ! She says to hubby love you too & be strong .

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Oh dear,wasn't expecting that ending!! Good one xxx

Haha!!! :D

They say it takes all sorts ! :)

Old but still makes me chuckle x

lol lovely thank you x

Good one. Did not expect that at all! xx

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