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Oximetry information


In order to assist in the compilation of information, I have been researching the subject and would like to share my findings on relevant sites :)




PDF document Guides:




View types: :)


breathe easy


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Thanks for that. The PDF documents links give me a " 404 file not found " response though. :)

Hello Puffthemagicdragon I too got that what does that mean? Please bare in mind my lack of understanding re technology. :) Janexx

It generally means that the link you put up has either changed or been removed. Well something like that anyway ! :)

Perhaps someone will come along and explain it better than me !

Thank-you I can be a bit of a wombat! :) Janexx

I think the first PDF link is. . . nonin.com/Go2Nonin/document...

Thank you.

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agree xxx

Hi thanks stilltrukin got there haha :) Janexx

None of these links worked for me either.

Thanks for these links I found them very interesting and informative articles and had no problem accessing them.

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What sort of PC do you have? I tried to open all the pdf with a 404 error or saying the bandwith had been exceedded1

katieoxo60 in reply to helingmic

mine is a laptop with broadband connection, not sure why they open easier for some, while others get 404 error warnings, could it maybe be the different browsers, just a thought

helingmic in reply to katieoxo60

Thanks for that, Katie. Fortunately, i explore in other ways to find what I want, say, by typing an individual quest like NONIN. I had to scan for viruses because my homepage wouldn't show either. I enquired on the internet and they said it was definitely an attack from a virus. Not content with proper infections in the chest, I also get computer viruses ;)

Thank you. My pulse oxymeter has arrived but was a bit unsure as to proper use. Article and links really useful. Bob

thank you

Very helpful, many thanks

I had a look for myself on Amazon and individual reviews. Nonin was terribly expensive. I read the TempIR - Pulse Oximeter review. The price was £29.95, a sort of in-between price. It's made in China, but has very peasant features, like you can orient the reading, either facing you, for facing downward, or facing the other way for a nurse to read. I compared with the Nonin that my nurse had and we had the same reading. hers cost £178/ she told me that this was a "normal" price for NHS purchase. I'm quite happy with the accuracy of mine!

The physiotherapist at the hospital told me not to be fixed on the result. a reading once a day is enough. I read it once after putting the bin outside, I was really short of breath. The reading went down to 66%. But I applied the following exercise that the physiotherapist had shown me:

Sit gently, put your hands just above your navel. Breathe into your navel(see your tummy go up with the in breath and down with the out breath) do this 10 times.

next, put your hands on the top part of your chest. Breathe in slowly. When you are near "the top" of the breathing in, Sniff forcefully that bit more air in and block the breathing for a couple of second. Relax deeply. do this 19 times.

This really works to get your oxygen level back. It also gives you a feeling of serenity and freedom with that feeling that you have enough air.

"Low- Medium - High Priced Finger Oximeters. A must read about finger oximeter accuracy" . . . squidoo.com/finger-pulse-ox...

You are so right, Vader! I was checked by the physiotherapist at the hospital, and I could recover after 2 minutes. Now I take only 1 min 30 sec. There's definitely an improvement. I'm ready to go back to the gym nest week. I checked the QI Gong exercises on You Tube for home exercises. They are inspiring ... to me, that is! (as they combine breathing with slow movement, they are quite therapeutic)

stilltruckin, I've had my £20 oximeter over 5 years, gave exactly same reading as my nurses £200 kit last week

stilltruckin in reply to Tee-hee

You may find it less accurate at low saturation levels . . .

You could be right there, But over the years I have had my cheap oximeter, I have had several hospital stays where my oximeter was reliably giving the same readings as the the sats monitor they wheeled around the ward, also on the six minute walk tests etc.

I have also had a couple of situations where laughingly the nurses expensive metering devices were inaccurate or out of order where they had to use my device

So in my practical experience your proposed assumption is wrong in this particular instance :)

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[Quote] This study used a portable spectrometer to measure the emission spectra of the two light emitting diodes within the pulse oximeter sensor and to determine the accuracy of 847 pulse oximeters currently in use in 29 NHS hospitals in the UK. The standard manufacturing claim of accuracy for pulse oximeters is ± 2–3% over the range of 70–100% SpO2.

Eighty-nine sensors (10.5%) were found to have a functional error of their electrical circuitry that could cause inaccuracy of measurement. Of the remaining 758 sensors, 169 (22.3%) were found to have emission spectra different from the manufacturers’ specification that would cause an inaccuracy in saturation estimation of > 4% in the range of 70–100% saturation. . . . [/quote]

just to clarify

to determine the accuracy of 847 pulse oximeters currently in use in 29 NHS hospitals in the UK.

Thank you providing confirmation that the expensive hospital devices are no more accurate than the cheap e bay devices, they are only used as a guide, not as an accurate measurement anyway

I have also had a couple of situations where laughingly the nurses expensive metering devices were inaccurate or out of order where they had to use my device

It only shows that oximeters in constant daily use may need to be re-calibrated every so often, and to quote from the same article . . .

"In none of the 29 hospitals did we find a reliable system for the periodic or cyclical calibration of pulse oximeter sensors."

Only 2 of the links work on my desk-top.

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