I can't believe that back in early November I wrote a poem relating to travelling down through France and Spain to spend the winter in Portugal. It's with a very heavy heart that Lilian and myself are now counting down the days before we leave this beautiful place to work our way back up to Brittany to visit a friend, and then on to Dieppe on the 17th April to board the ferry back to England. We have lots of work to do on our home on the canal before we can put her up for sale. Relatives and friends to visit, before we once more turn the steering wheel southbound and retrace our steps back down here to Olhao. I have a feeling that the 5 months in UK will pass a lot more slowly than the 5 months of winter we have just been here. If anyone has doubts about the beneficial effects of wintering away in the warmer climes, please don't hesitate to contact me, either as a PM or generally on this site. Watch out for a J reg 6wheeler motorhome called a Machzone Silvermint from Easter to mid Sept. Bye for now.

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CanalChris, all the best for your return to the UK. So pleased you are so happy in POrtugal. I dont know much about Portugal. The winter here has been bad with floods, but I love the Uk for the rest of the year.

I think it's wonderful you have had five glorious months in a much nicer climate and atmosphere. At least by coming home in April you should have avoided the worst that the UK can throw at us :) x

Have a safe journey home CanalChris - good to hear what a fab time you have had in Portugal. Take good care TADxx

tis annoying when keep you hanging about on roads, just passed you both on my little blue scooter called bluebird

my scooter is constipated wont pass anything

Seeing as they have just stopped me from driving I have just passed you all on a First Line Bus, didn't you see me wave my disabled Bus Pass out of the rear window. :)

Have a good trip home Chris, the weather should be good by the time you make it.


we have enjoyed many holidays at this place in carvoeiro, and lottery win permitting we would have our own home there as well, the clean air, climate, love the place- happy days.

Hi, Chris. It is good to hear how much you enjoyed your stay. I hope the better weather has equalled better health. x

Great to hear from you Chris, I feel your pain on leaving somewhere you've grown to love. Let's hope it'll be lovely here by the time you get back and the time will pass quickly. Enjoy your trip back and stay well and safe. Peeg xxx

Sounds interesting this Barg any more details I would like to know where it is...interested. X Aud x

How lucky you are. I’m too disabled to be able to go to Portugal. However, I was fascinated by the fado on YouTube, the lovely nostalgic songs of the fishermen’s wives in Lisboa! I was sao moved by them that I decided to learn Portuguese. I am still at the beginning with the Assimil method which contain dialogues and show me how difficult the pronunciation is, but how humorous Portuguese people are.

I bet it must tear your heart out to have to leave this lovely country. Is it a permanent leave?

Muito obrigado para your message, Eu nao falla Portuguese muito bem, so it will take me some time to translate your Portuguese into Yorkshire. I will endeavour to get back to you shortly. Muito agradacido..

Sounds as though you had a good winter, how has your health been while in Portugal? We have been toying with this idea for a couple of months next winter, how long did it take you to drive from Dieppe to Portugal? Good luck with selling your boat. x

Chris, how are you doing. It's that time of year again ...... You got back to UK to the most foul weather, hope you survived it.

Do give us an update on how you are, where you are and that you're ok. Peeg xx

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